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Mozo Slip Resistant Shoes

When seeking out footwear for work in the restaurant trade or health care, it is of the utmost importance to find shoes that are comfortable and slip resistant. With long hours standing and the likelihood of encountering slick surfaces, these two qualities are foremost. Be that as it may, doctors, nurses, chefs and other professionals who spend a lot of time on their feet also have a need for good looking, stylish shoes. Shoes that provide a happy combination of comfort, safety, and good looks can help a busy professional get through even the most challenging of days in a positive frame of mind. That’s why Mozo slip resistant shoes are such an excellent choice for busy professionals in health and food services. They offer best in professional comfort and style.

Of course, we always want to have shoes that look good; however, we often end up settling for shoes that are just acceptable looking when comfort and safety are an important part of the mix. After all, it’s not possible to do your best in a demanding job when your feet hurt!

Mozo Shoes have been designed hand in hand with some of the best chefs in the world. Mozo has worked with some big names in the culinary industry like Chris Cosentino (Top Chef Masters) Cat Cora (first female Iron Chef) and Aarón Sánchez (Chopped, Heat Seekers) to bring you stylish, practical and slip resistant shoes that will keep you on your feet all day long on slippery floor without the dreaded foot ache after. These guys know the problems the hard working chefs of the world face and have helped Mozo to tailor their shoes to the job.

Mozo Slip Resistant Shoes for Chefs and Nurses

Mozo offers slip resistant shoes in a wide range of shoes in a variety of colors and styles to suit everyone’s taste.  They are available in loafers, sneakers, high top boots, slip on and flats. For women, they offer stylish canvas shoes. Their line of footwear is comfortable, lightweight, durable, slip resistant and they can be cleaned easily.  These shoes are affordable, and every worker in the restaurant such as Hospital workers, nurses, doctors, waiter, waitress, nd chef can wear these shoes for standing all day.

Today we’ll take a look at some in the range that really stand out.

1.  Mozo Sharkz Shoes for Men

The Mozo Sharkz Chef Shoes are a pair of sleek, form fitting shoes that have been crafted and tested for the all-day Chef, and they fit the bill nicely. The synthetic leather upper has been specially treated to make it resistant to spills and splashes, keeping your feet dry and making them very easy to clean as well. The underside is made of Spider TractionTM rubber; a specialised high traction blending that gives you a firm foot in the slippery conditions. All kitchens get hot, as we all know, so the Sharkz have been given some well-placed ventilation slots to keep your feet from sweating.

The Sharkz have been fitted with a gel insole for padding, a strong but comfortable heel counter, and an elasticised mouth that makes slipping them on and off a breeze. The shoes also come with two shims so you can adjust the fit to match your foot perfectly; and they can fit Orthotics for those of you who need them. All this adds up to some of the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear! You don’t have to worry about the Mozo Sharkz  Shoes weighing you down either; they clock in at a feather light 340 grams!


  • Lightweight
  • Slip Resistant rubber outsole for good grips to wet and oily surfaces
  • Upper is made of synthetic and Leather
  • Slip On Shoes for easy on and off
  •  Size can be adjusted with 3 removable insoles
  • Side Ventilation for breathability and temperature control
  • Available in black and black&white. Also available in Egg, Red Skull and Bacon work shoe styles.
  • Price is reasonable


  • Run big therefore order one size smaller because they do not offer half size.
  • Some reviewers complained stitching came off off and material broke down
  • Not available in half sizes at Amazon
  • They do not offer Wide sizes for large feet

These shoes are very comfortable like slippers and come with good fit. They are perfect shoes for all restaurant workers including chefs for on feet all day. They look better than Crocs and according to some reviews at Amazon, their non slip rubber sole is better than all the other brand they have tried. Excellent shoes for chefs as they are airy and will keep you cool in hot kitchen.

2.  Mozo Forza Shoes for Men and Women

The Mozo Forza Shoes take a different direction in terms of style, but still offer all the great support and functionality of the Sharkz. The upper is soft leather, and though the ventilation slots have been left out, a moisture wicking liner has been included to keep your feet dry. The Spider TractionTM rubber sole for superior traction and the super comfy gel midsole will keep you on your feet day in and day out. Change the fit with the MOZOFit™ System Technology (two shims as with the Sharkz) and put in your own Orthotics if you need to.

The Mozo Forza Shoes are ideal for the broad foot with a wide toe box and a heel counter that won’t crush your Achilles! The mouth of the shoes are elasticized, and the sides have been fitted with Gore Side Stretch to help them slip on and off without a fight. The leather upper does make the shoe a bit heavier, but not by much, with the Forza weighing in at an impressive 397 grams.

3.  MOZO Fab Leather Work Shoe for Women

The key to finding a shoe that combines comfort, safety and good looks lies in finding a brand that is dedicated to producing a high quality shoe. Excellent workmanship and fine materials make all the difference in the world when it comes to the appearance, stability and comfort of a pair of hard-working shoes. That’s why it is so smart to turn to Mozo slip resistant shoes when selecting your go-to shoes for everyday wear at work.

Another important aspect of getting shoes that will support you in comfort and style throughout the challenges of each and every day is proper fit. To get a good fit in any brand of shoe, you should do your shoe shopping at the end of your day when your feet are at their widest and most tired. If a shoe feels comfortable at that time of day, you know it will carry through your most difficult shifts at work. If you are ordering shoes online, pay close attention to the website sizing chart and measure your feet at the end of the day.

No matter how high quality or well made a shoe is, if you get the wrong size you are sure to regret it. Shoes that are too large or too small have equal potential for making you miserable. For this reason, you should never walk out of a shoe store with a pair of shoes that is less than perfect. If you order shoes online and feel any discomfort the first time you put them on, simply put them back in the box and send them back before wearing them outside. Shoes really don’t “break in”, and there’s no sense wasting your time and money in hopes they will.

4. Mozo 3832 Men’s the Natural Shoes – High Top Shoes for Restaurant Workers

The Mozo chef and restaurant employee shoes are manufactured using the proprietary MOZOFit System technology. This technology will ensure that the shoes would provide the best fit possible to the wearer. The company is aware that the restaurant worker will require the most comfortable shoes to suit their job, and the best comfort comes with the best fit. You are able to customize the best fit by way of 03 layers of insoles which are removable. You can remove the insoles can adjust the shoes to fit you best for additional comfort.

The black Natural 3832 is great for male restaurant workers who expect to have the best possible traction and comfort from a pair of shoes. The black leather upper, the slip-resistant outsole made of rubber and the inner lining (apron inspired) are some of the salient features of the Mozo 3832 Men’s shoes.   The Bellows tongue will help to keep your feet dry throughout the day. The shoes are available on Amazon.Com. All in all, the Mozo 3832 is considered the best high top shoes for restaurant workers and hotel employees.

5. MOZO Divine Wedge Shoes

Are you looking for perfect heals that are casual but dressy enough to wear in office? Try these cute Divine wedge Shoes from Mozo. They are slip resistant to oil.


Mozo Sharkz and Mozo Forza both are good quality Mozo slip resistant shoes with only few differences. Mozo Sharkz has side ventilation hole and Forza does not have side ventilation holes. You can pick any one that fits you well.

Mozo shoes come in various styles such as sneakers, wedges and clogs for men and women and all styles offer slip resistant sole.  Whatever style of Mozo shoes you choose, they are all comfortable, durable, lightweight and stylish.

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