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Compare Dansko Professional VS Timberland Renova

Nurses and other types of medical professionals often to have to spend an entire shift of their feet. Surviving this type of strenuous work with a minimum of achy feet or even severe foot problems requires good shoes. Fortunately, there are a few manufacturers who produce high-quality shoes with the needs of nurses in mind.

Dansko Professional VS Timberland Renova For Nurses

These two brands, Dansko shoes and Timberland, are both famous for producing high-quality shoes that offer the support and cushioning that people need if they have to work on their feet a lot. Of course, your final choice might come down to which brand fits you the best, but it might be helpful to compare some of their features.

Shoe Prices

These are both high-quality manufacturers, and you can certainly find cheaper shoes. However, you should consider your investment in good shoes for your demanding jobs as much cheaper than suffering from foot problems or having to cut back on work hours. Timberland is a bit more moderately priced than Dansko clogs.

Shoe Styles

When you compare Dansko Professional vs Timberland Renova, you will probably find that both manufacturers produce shoes that should satisfy any dress code. While they both have a very mild suggestion of a “clog” look, they could be worn with business casual or even dressy clothes, and they definitely do not look like athletic shoes. The Dansko Professional may offer a greater selection of colors and styles than the Timberland Renova.

Timberland Renova

Timberland PRO Women's Renova Slip-On


Dansko Professional clog


Dansko professional oiled leather clog



Safety is a major consideration in any environment where liquids could get spilled or heavy items could be dropped. The Timberland and Dansko leather uppers offer a durable finish and decent protection for feet against spills or drops.


The Dansko has soles that are certified as slip-resistant. Timberland’s rubber sole should also be slip-resistant, but the company does not mention any certification.

Timberland vs. Dansko Support And Cushioning

Your main concern will probably be how well these shoes hold up after a hard day on the job. Actually, you might be more concerned with how well the shoes help your feet hold up!

Dansko offers an anatomical insole that cradles your foot, a roomy fit so you do not develop blisters and corns, and a rocker bottom sole to reduce fatigue. Dansko offers better support than Timberland.

Timberland also offers a rocker sole and their own proprietary anti-fatigue technology. They also advertise that the footbed is temperature regulated for additional comfort during a long shift.

What Do Current Wearers Of These Shoes Say?

The best way to tell if you will prefer the Dansko or the Timberland might simply be to give each model a test. Of course, you might consider the opinions of people who have already compared these shoes to others that they have had. Even though everybody has their own unique foot shape and stride, considering the opinions of other people might be helpful when you need to decide which brand to try on first.

Dansko Professional VS Timberland Renova Reviews

The most common complaints about Dansko professionals were that the fit was unreliable and different than it used to be. Some customers also expected these shoes to last longer than they did. While Dansko used to have a much longer warranty, they have reduced it to 6 months. They do seem to honor their warranty, but it takes awhile to get a replacement.

There were fewer complaints about the Timberland brand. In fact, there were a couple of complaints about the fit. These might be resolved by trying on shoes in a store before ordering online.

There are many more positive comments about both pairs of shoes than negative ones. Again, a lot of a wearer’s satisfaction probably lies in the fit of the shoe and their expectations.

Many Dansko owners thought that this brand was the best for both providing comfort and style selection. A lot of these people tended to already have problems such as a bad back or flat feet too.

Of course, a nurse who bought the Timberland Renova said that she almost forgot she had feet the first day she wore them because they were so comfortable.

Again, the right shoe for you probably will depend on your own fit, budget, and expectations. These are both two popular brands with nurses and other medical professionals who have to stand and walk most of the day.


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