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Nurses work on feet all day. Many of them get sore feet, heel pain, back pain and leg pain due to wearing inappropriate shoes at work. The wrong shoes do not provide enough arch support their soles are so thin that they can not absorb shock.  Therefore to prevent foot pain, they need to wear work shoes specially designed for the healthcare industry. The Skechers is obe of the top brands in proving work with enough cushioning and proper arch support to reduce foot pain from standing and walking on the concrete floor. Some styles offer memory foam to provide them added cushioning and comfort from standing all day. Therefore just like any decent pair of heels, Skechers nursing shoes are essential in your shoe collection. Many people, not just nurses, depend on them daily. People with physically demanding jobs or lifestyles also own these work shoes. Nursing shoes from Skechers look stylish and professional, which is one reason among many that it belongs in your wardrobe.

What Do Nurses Need Out Of Their Shoes?

First, consider what good nursing shoes have to do for their owners and wearers. They need to provide protection against dropped items or spills. It goes without saying that good nursing shoes need to be slip-resistant, so nurses do not fall when they accidentally step in a wet spot.

They also need to have proper cushioning to make sure that nurses can stay on their feet during long shifts without suffering undue pain. Finally, good shoes have to provide the right support to keep strides aligned, so nurses are not prone to foot, ankle, leg, and back injuries.

A lot of different medical professionals, including nurses, turn to athletic shoes that are because companies already make running and walking shoes for foot protection in mind. Nurses might not run a marathon, but they might feel as if they cover more ground than many runners cover. The same thing that is important when designers figure out how to protect a nurse’s feet is important when protecting an athlete’s feet.

Skechers Work Shoes For Women and Men Nurses

Now, consider some particular brands of shoes that might be the right choice for your feet.

Skechers Relaxed Fit Slip resistance Shoes for Men and Women Nurses

Roomy and part of the relaxed fit collection, these work shoes offer a full-length memory foam insole.  The memory foam footbed molds easily to customize for a perfect fit every time. They roomy toe box is perfect for any foot condition that requires more space in the toe area. The upper leather in non-porous and meets with the nursing uniform code requirement. They are bunions friendly.

If you are suffering from knee arthritis, they will reduce your knee pain by offering a lightweight midsole, comfortable memory foam insole, and non-slip outsole. They are soft soled shoes because they do not have any metal shank for stability, therefore, perfect for neutral feet, high arches and supination. However, they may be inappropriate for you if you have flat feet and overpronation where you will need more support.

If you feel that memory foam insoles, starting to lose bounce, you can use gel insoles or other memory foam insoles for replacement. They are not part of shape up the collection, but it provides the same or more level of support and comfort as shape ups. They do not offer rocker sole.

They will fit wide feet up to c size and are airport friendly due to no metal shank. Due to the excellent support and cushioning, they can be comfortably worn for the long hour nurse work shift.

Skechers Sport Women’s Premium Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women’s Premium Sneaker are highly supportive and durable slip-on sneakers for nurses who spend 10-12 plus hours on their feet. It features a padded tongue and collar around heel and ankle for extra support. The padded footbed and shock absorbing EVA midsole provide comfort for on feet all day. The rubber outsole offers an excellent traction.

These sneakers come with roomy toe box and snug heels. They provide good arch support and are one of the best Skechers shoes for nurses.

Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up

These shoes feature a removable insole, so nurses can insert their insoles for more comfort and protection against foot injuries. These shoes are also OSHA compliant and ASTM compliant. The nitrite rubber outsole is slip resistant for all kind of surfaces including oil. It is the work shoes and has all the features of energy Sneakers which are not a work shoe. Made of durable leather, break in is required. they provide very good support and cushioning. The Soft Stride is heavier than D’lite SR and is more supportive than premium and Energy models.

If you walk a lot as a nurse, Softie is a very good work shoe that comes with a slip resistant outsole, supportive and well-cushioned shoe. If you need more arch support, then Skechers shape ups Live version will be the best bet.

Skechers for Work Women’s Energy-Sector Lace-Up

These shoes feature an upper side made out of real leather. They also have a removable insole so that nurses can insert their insoles. They feature a padded collar and an oil resistant outsole. Some nurses might prefer these shoes because they are very lightweight. These shoes are also OSHA compliant and ASTM tested for extra credibility.

D’Lites sneaker

D’Lites sneaker is lightweight, well cushioned but not as supportive as Softie.

Skechers for Work Women’s Shape Ups Slip Resistant Sneaker

Skechers Shape Ups for work are safe and comfortable shoes, and they also give the extra benefit of helping nurses with back problems and reducing plantar fasciitis as they walk around doing their regular duties.

These are casual shoes with slip resistant outsoles. They are good for nurses and other hospital workers. The shoe features upper leather with inner lining and midsole cushion, and they have a padded collar and tongue. The lower profile makes the shoe more stabilized and comfortable. They are also OSHA compliant for slip resistant, and they are ASTM compliant for electrical hazards.

Which Pair Of Skechers Work Shoes For Nurses Should You Buy?

There is not one best brand for every person. This is because everybody has a slightly different shaped foot. It is a good idea to find the shoe that seems most comfortable when you try them. This also gives you a chance to find the perfect size, and this is important. Some people are harder to fit than others.

Why do Nurses wear Skechers?

Following are few reasons why nurses prefer Skechers over other nursing shoes.

Comfortable and Slip Resistant

It is common to feel pain in the balls of your feet after walking for a long time. With Skechers nursing shoes, you will soon forget how that pain feels. Not only are these shoes slip resistant and perfect for providing traction on wet surfaces, but they make you feel like you are wearing nothing on your feet.

On top of the usual slip resistant features that Skechers offer, you also experience comfort and support all day. The memory foam incorporated in thshoes relieves pressure by distributing the weight of your feet. They are so comfortable that you might not even want to take them off when you get home.

Conforms to Work Requirements

If you are required to wear white or black non-skid shoes for work, then you will find Skechers nursing shoes a practical and stylish choice. Though you have to comply with the uniform code, it does not mean you sacrifice style. You can always choose shoes that are not only stylish but affordable and comfortable too.

Available in Neutral Shades

If you are not sure what shoes pair well with a scrub suit or apron, then choose shoes in neutral shades. You can never go wrong with white or black colored shoes. Medical shoes from Skechers are also available in brown.

However, it does not matter what color or shade you choose. The medical shoes Skechers offer is more than just showing off the design. It enhances your overall look by making you look sharp and polished.

Different Styles to Choose From

When you consider owning a pair of work shoes from Skechers, you get to pick other features too, and not just which neutral shade looks best. The style of the footwear also varies.

Skechers offers medical shoes with laces and front straps. They also have an easy slip on shoes. If you want a more formal style, a leather slip on would be the ideal choice. Your choice also depends on your personal style and the type of work you do.


The cost is reasonable for a well-known brand that manufactures high quality and comfortable work shoes. However, the price can discourage even the most impulsive of buyers. Thinking twice about investing in a pair of Skechers nursing shoes can be understandable if you are yet to own a pair of Skechers shoes.

If you take the risk, however, then you will be glad that you did. For each quality material and careful construction that goes into all Skechers footwear, you get your money’s worth. The comfort you feel all day using these shoes would make you think that they threw in the memory foam free of charge.

However, once you have found the perfect shoe that comes in exactly the right size, you should be able to buy your nursing shoes locally or online. Good shoes are an excellent investment for any nurse, but it is important to find the right ones.

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