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Brooks Beast 16 Review

The Brooks Beast is a men’s comfort footwear that comes with motion control and many other features desired for athletes or anyone who would like a comfortable, lightweight shoe. The beast has a sister made for women known as Brooks Ariel. These two have very standard features, one of them being the ability to support persons with big feet and heavy weight persons. Most of the individuals who have bought this shoe say they are satisfied with features that come with it among many other factors. Below is a Brooks Beast Review on its features, benefits, and its downsides.

Brooks Beast Features:

Motion control: The Brooks Beast is specially designed to control one’s movement while walking or sprinting. It supports pronation, a feature that allows one to glide in motion while running at full speed while offering stability hence no slip overs. Many athletes have shown improved performance on track while on the Beast as opposed to other sport shoe brands.

Cushioning and flexibility: The brooks beast offer excellent arch support and cushioning which readjusts according to one’s foot structure. The Super soft inner sole and heel cushioning support one’s foot firmly yet hugging the entire foot comfortably. Overweight and persons with big feet will find the Brooks Beast accommodating and comfortable to walk in. Although large, these shoes take care of over-pronation making it a lot easier to walk on rugged terrain or while jogging.

Great Fit for all: This is significantly important for persons with big feet. The beast is designed with a large frame to accommodate big or flat feet. The intense soft cushioning fitted in these shoe curve in to take any foot size without scalding them. Its footbed is thermally balanced to prevent one from getting tired after covering tens of miles.

Stability: This is the core requirement for any sprinting shoe. The Beast offers high stability thanks to its, rubber sole that provides grip from heel to toe. No matter what speed one is, he is assured of a firm grip. The increased stability leaves one to focus on performing better while at the same time providing traction when going round corners. The sole is also designed to blend in with one’s foot, and terrain he is walking on hence doesn’t feel rigid on uneven grounds.

Lightweight: Materials used to make the Beast are very light in weight, a factor that makes them very light to put on. Their lightweight nature ensures one doesn’t tire easily while walking, jogging or sprinting. The same feature applies to persons with big feet who have to wear custom made Beast for their specific dimensions and foot size.

Brooks Beast pros

1. Highly durable: The beast is made of highly durable materials that make it last for a long time, hence giving you quality service.

2. No over pronation: The shoe helps you glide on whatever surface you are walking on running on without any slip-over worries.

3. Excellent ankle support: Arc support ratings on every brooks beast review are positive, meaning customers are happy about its performance.

4. Support persons with big feet: Everyone with a big foot is accommodated in these brooks beast brands. You don’t have to worry about scalding due to confined toes.

5. Linear support: This comes in handy for people with flat and big feet. The Beast’s linear foot support makes it possible for these individuals to walk comfortably without experiencing sciatica.

The cons

The only downside customers experienced and stated on every Brooks Beast review is the additional weight due to its extra cushioning.


The Brooks Beast and Brooks Ariel are highly efficient, comfortable and great to have on if you are heavy weight and have plantar fasciitis due to flat feet overpronation. You are assured of a quality service once you purchase this shoe.

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