Average Shoe Size for Men – Step by Step

Shoes are one of the fashionable items that make a man Stylish. Not only men but also women wear shoes. As every person is different, their shoe is also different, but in some cases, a particular size of shoe fits perfectly for most men. We did much research to calculate the ideal size of shoes for men. We found that 10.5 sized shoes can be considered an average shoe size for men.

How to ordain your foot size

Well, your foot size varies on your height, weight, age, foot conditions also in genetics. Also, people think it’s better to measure your feet at the end of your day because your foot takes all the pressure off your body while you stand, walk, or run.

The length stays the same, but the widths of your feet may increase while you stand. So to measure your feet, you can take help from a ruler or use a Brannock device to determine your feet’ size. Make sure to take measurements of the width and length of your feet.

What is the average shoe size of a 6-foot man?

Some research shows that in America, a Man with a height of 6 feet has an average shoe size of 11 to 12. But for some other countries, such as Asia, a man of 6 feet has an average shoe size of 10 to 11. Remember, it is just a size that is the same for some men. Your feet size may be different, so it’s best to measure your feet before buying any shoes.

What is the average shoe size for a 5’7 male

5 feet 7 inches is a good height. Usually, men with this height have a feet size of 9 to 10. When you are buying shoes, then first go with big-size shoes starting from size 10, if it fits perfectly, then purchase that shoes, but if it doesn’t, look for size 9 to 9.5 shoes, we are pretty sure that 9.5-sized shoes will fit perfectly. Because it is the average shoe size for a man with 5’7 height.

Average shoe size for men in the UK

In the United Kingdom, people have been evolving since the 90 century. Research shows that before the 21st century average shoe size was 8 in the UK, but in recent days because of evolution, it increased to 10. People’s feet are getting bigger compared to 40 years back. People were getting taller, and a massive change in their weight, making their feet bigger and wider.

What is the average shoe size for a 14-year-old male?

Men’s body goes through a drastic change after they turned 14 years old. Usually, Men figure changes between 14-21 years. So as they turned 14, their height should be 5.2″ to 5.9″ feet, and their average weight should be around 133 lbs. So for this height and weight, 9.5 to 10-sized shoes are recommended.

It’s a standard size for 14 years older men, but if your feet are exertional, then there is always a chance you can go through a trial before buying any shoes.

Average shoe size for a 6’6 male

A 6’6 feet man is considered the tallest person. As shoe size depends on height and weight, so for a tall person, the max-sized shoe is recommended, and that size should be around 11 to 12. A more or less tall person may have different foot sizes and shapes. Also, different shoes have different types of sizes. That’s why it’s always better to get a trial before buying a shoe.

What is the most common shoe size for men in the US

In the US, the average height of people is around 5.8 to 6.2 feet. And for this height, 10.5-sized shoes are a common choice. But people are using 10 to 11 size shoes, and the men in the US commonly use this size. Also, 11 and 12-size shoes are standard sizes in the US. For Global people, the size decreases to 8 and 9.

Is there a ratio of shoe size to height

Yes, there is a ratio of shoe size to height because we can find a person’s feet size by their height. Scientists have conducted much research on this subject and found a ratio of 6.6:1 for shoe size to height. This ratio means that for a height of 6.6 inches, the feet size will be 1 inch. This ratio is widely used to measure and to make shoes for men.

But this ratio is just a theory. Many people have different shaped and sized feet. In that case, this ratio may not apply to them. Also, this ratio can be different for some countries such as Asia, as their average height is around 5 feet.

How to buy the best shoes for a Men

Before buying any shoes, you will have to under some topics and have clear information on that shoes to get the best performance. In recent days we can see the evolution of shoes, there are a wide variety of shoes such as formal shoes, casual shoes, party shoes, Sports shoes, and a lot more. Also, you can’t buy shoes without knowing their materials and durability. So make sure to go through buying to get a vast amount of knowledge on this topic.


To make shoes, you will need a lot of material, but out of this plastic, leader, synthetic leather, foam, rubber, and textile materials are widely used. The material of a shoe depends upon its type. Such casual shoes are made out of pure leather. You can find a mixture of synthetic leather and rubber, and textile materials in sneakers for party shoes.


The inner sole of shoes is as essential as its materials because you don’t want an uncomfortable shoe. When we put on a shoe, the first thing that our feet touch is the inner soul. It’s a layer between our feet and the bottom part of a shoe. People widely recommend inner foam soles because foam can release stress on your feet.


Polyurethane and rubber are commonly used for the outer sole of shoes. Also, in recent days we can see a plastic outer sole. These are robust plastic that is strong and durable. Polyurethane is a solid and durable substance that can be used for a long time, but they are not as durable as rubber and plastic. The outer sole also depends upon the design and style of the shoes. For casual shoes, polyurethane is suitable, and for rubber and plastic suites in sneakers.


It’s a textile material that you will find inside a shoe. Soft textile clothe is stitched along the upper sole to prevent damage to the upper sole and give comfort to the user. For making it even more comfortable, some shoes have foam Between the Lining and the upper sole. Check the materials before buying your desired shoes.

Final verdict

If you cannot understand the correct ratio of shoe size, you will not be able to buy the right shoes for your feet because an average shoe size for men may not fit perfectly for every person. Yes, there is a possibility that average-size shoes will fit most men, but it’s always better to get the measurements before buying any shoes. Also, do not forget to give it a trial to see if it fits perfectly or not. If not, you can always choose another sized shoe.

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