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Best House Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – You Can Also Use Outdoor

For those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, it is important to find a good set of shoes to wear inside of your bedroom and around the house. Some of the best bedroom slippers for plantar fasciitis are orthotic sandals that provide foot and arch support. If you have to deal with sore, aching feet every day, these slippers will reduce the foot pain by taking off the stress from the plantar fascia. Most of the podiatrists recommend not to walk bare feet with plantar fasciitis because even the steps you take inside the bedroom can cause inflammation of the plantar fascia. Plenty of people has had a lot of success with pain relief when they have tried wearing best house slippers.

Best House Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an uncomfortable health condition which leaves a person in pain when they attempt to walk anywhere after a prolong sitting or getting up from the bed in the morning. Most often, plantar fasciitis occurs when you walk on the concrete floor for an extended time with overpronation or underpronation. However, having plantar fasciitis does not have to ruin every day. There are a few useful techniques for controlling these painful symptoms.

In most cases, patients will seek out a custom made orthotic inserts that are guaranteed to fit your feet and support your foot arches. The idea is to improve the overall distribution of pressure throughout the feet. If performed correctly, it reduces the strain on the fascia, which reduces the pain from plantar fasciitis. Orthotic inserts aren’t the only solution for people with plantar fasciitis.

Best Bedroom Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

The favorite orthopedic shoemaker Vionic has a line of slippers that might just be the perfect solution.

The Orthaheel sandals are built on Othaheel technology which is innovated by a podiatrist Andrew Weil, M.D. The products built on Orthaheel technology have received acceptance from APMA. The footbed provides arch support, and midsole offers flexibility, and deep heel cup offers stability. OrtOhaheel technology helps in reducing overpronation by stabilizing feet and thus reducing heel pain, the ball of foot pain, back pain, knee joint pain, shin pain and pain due to flat feet. They are recommended for plantar fasciitis, flat feet with overpronation, Metatarsalgia, backache, and knee joint pain.

1. Vionic Women’s Relax Slipper

Most Orthaheel slippers are designed to combine comfort and coziness with an outstanding sole engineering which aims to provide perfect support. Therefore, the Vionic Indulge Gemma Slipper must definitely be on our list of best bedroom slippers for plantar fasciitis.

The Vionic Relax slippers are equipped with a textile-covered EVA footbed, designed to absorb shock and to disperse pressure to minimize fatigue and maximize comfort. The sole of the slipper actually features a Podiatrist design, is recommended for people with various conditions that result in sensible feet, such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, etc. It’s made of a thermoplastic material is considerably light and flexible, while the outsole is rubber made, for extra traction.

The upper of the Vionic Relax Slipper is made of plush material, flexible and cozy, quickly adapting to the shape of your feet. It integrates velcro elements which allow its adjustment for a more loose or tight fit. The footbed is non-removable, covered by the same plush material, adding to the overall comfort of the slipper. These slippers are available in four attractive colors, from Black and Tan to Dark Gray Zebra and Tan Leopard.

These are some extremely comfortable and supportive house slippers that tend to cushion and align your feet correctly. They can also help to entirely correct overpronation. These slippers have been designed by a podiatrist and are accepted by the APMA to ease swelling and increase comfort for everyone who suffers from foot problems. The really can assist you with plantar fasciitis heel pain relief because the heel cup is deep. The slippers also have motion control technology and excellent cushioning. The arch support is fantastic, and you will get the same features of the Orthaheel deep heel cup. The motion control can relieve overpronation if you have this problem too. You will find these slippers are comfortable and durable if you have wide feet and that they are completely adjustable with Velcro straps. These supportive straps are a great alternative to expensive orthotics that are prescribed by doctors. Vionic’s Orthaheel Relax women’s slippers are engineered to provide the comfort and support your feet need. If you find yourself spending more time on the couch because simply walking around your home cause’s pain, then these slippers might be just what you need to get back to living your life in comfort.

These sandals are designed with foot pain suffers in mind, and through the use of modern engineering and advanced materials, they can ease your pain and swelling. The Orthaheel Relax Slippers aren’t just functional for wearing around the house; they’re stylish enough that you’ll look forward to slipping them on in the morning.

Orthaheel Relax Slippers come in your choice of four attractive and stylish colors and patterns, including charcoal, tan, leopard print, and zebra print. They are slightly large for their size, giving swollen, aching feet plenty of room. These slippers fasten securely with a single Velcro closure, making them a breeze to get on and off.

2. Haflinger GZ Classic Grizzly for Flat feet

The “Grizzly” term within the name of these Haflinger GZ classic clogs may be a bit peculiar. They’re by no means made of the material to resemble Grizzly bear fur, while their appearance is far from being grisly. It was probably selected to emphasize the sturdiness, fierce warmth and comfort that they supply.

The Haflinger GZ Classic Grizzly clog features a wool felt upper with a decorative stitch pattern for superior aesthetics. It’s available in various colors, including Gray, Black, Earth, Eggplant, and Navy Blue. The upper is also flexible, adapting with ease to the shape of your foot. The footbed is also wool felt covered, super-soft and breathable, massaging your foot with each and every step.

The clog’s midsole is anatomically correct, combining cork and latex elements, to provide a custom fit over time and deliver the right flexibility for walking. The heel cup is deep enough to supply the required rear foot stability, while the rear part of the collar slightly covers your heel furthermore enhancing the grip of the clog on your foot. The outsole features a rocker heel, being covered by a lightweight rubber layer which provides water protection and delivers excellent traction.

These slippers are good looking, warm, durable and comfortable with good arch supports similar to the Birkenstocks but they run smaller than Birkenstocks. You will like the breathable boiled wool and a durable thick sole. They will hold up for many years and your feet will not get sweaty or hot.. They are expensive but worth the money. They can be machine washable.

If you need a pair of warm house slippers with best arch support for the plantar fasciitis, try Haflinger Classic Slippers. These slippers will keep your feet cool during the summer and warm during the winter season. They will conform to your feet perfectly after wearing few times and will be stretched.


  • Arch support as good as Mephisto, Dansko and Birkenstocks and wool with cork footbed makes them comfortable slippers but more functional than slippers
  • Wide toe box for bunions
  • Great for overpronation because they provide firm but flexible sole
  • They become comfortable after breaking in
  • Padded and offers good grip
  • They are warm in winter but not sweaty
  • Soft and breathable and not very warm in summer


  • Run small but will stretch out

3. VIONIC Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper

Vionic offers top-quality and top-comfort slippers, and the Gemma Mule model makes no exception. This type of slipper features a plush, breathable and flexible upper. It has an easy slip-on entry with a hook-and-loop Velcro element, designed to deliver a custom, perfect fit. There are several versions available from Black and Tan, to Dark Gray Zebra and Tan Leopard.

The Vionic Gemma Mule Slipper integrates an EVA midsole designed for shock absorption and stress reduction. It has a fairly thick heel, delivering orthotic grade support (it’s after all, Orthaheel). This being said, the Vionic Gemma Mule Slipper is perfect for conditions such as splint shins or plantar fasciitis.

Despite its thickness, though, the midsole is lightweight, reducing fatigue. Overall, the whole sole construction is fairly flexible, promoting a natural stride. The footbed is Terrycloth covered, treated with anti-microbial Ecofresh, keeping odors at bay.

These Vionic slippers are equipped with thermoplastic material outsoles, with wave-patterned tread for optimal traction.

Vionic has long been recognized for their supportive, comfortable shoes and slippers. The company specializes in providing the very best when it comes to your feet. They’ve taken the time to engineer their slippers with the same attention to care and detail as they do their popular line of orthopedic shoes, so you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’re getting the very best pair of orthopedic slippers that money can buy.

So if you’re looking for a pair of comfortable orthopedic house slippers for women make sure you check out Orthaheel Women’s Gemma Slipper. There’s no substitute for the support and comfort of a pair of orthopedic house slipper for women that have been designed and engineered by a doctor to reduce pain and swelling. Once you’ve tried these sandals, you won’t want to wear anything else.

4. Crocs Unisex Specialist House Slippers

The Crocs is a name that a lot of people are already familiar. They make some of the most versatile and comfortable house slippers available. The CrocsRx Relief line is a particular line of Crocs house slippers that are made for maximum cushioning and support. They are extremely helpful for patients who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Crocs house slippers are very lightweight, yet their material is still very durable. The material and design are accepted by the APMA, the American Podiatric Medical Association. They feature an extremely comfortable fit with a soft toe box, for maximum comfort. The soles leave no marks on any surfaces, which makes them perfect for wearing around the house on your sensitive floors. The slippers are left dry and cool through holes on the side of the sandals. They are also resistant to odors!

This shoe is a resin shoe and is very lightweight. It is manufactured from a Croslite material that is soft and comfortable. This superior gripping and the non-marking shoe is odor resistant and ideal for casual wear. It is perfect for casual wear or professional or recreational use. Use the shoe for biking, boating, hiking, gardening, hospitality, or whatever you like it is versatile. It is a great slipper and perfect for wearing around the house. The Ultra-soft toe box is great for your entire forefoot to be able to spread out and move around. Air portals on the side of the shoe keep your feet cool and dry. A single heel strap helps to keep your foot securely in the shoe. The shoe gives a shock-absorbing custom fit and conforms to your foot. You will feel that you are wearing nothing when you wear this shoe around your house.

5. Orthofeet Charlotte Comfort Orthopedic Slippers for Women

The Charlotte model from Orthofeet is a type of orthopedic slipper designed for women, aiming to alleviate various foot conditions generated by diabetes, arthritis or plantar fasciitis. If you’re looking for a men’s similar slipper from Orthofeet, the Asheville model is the one to put on your list. Both men and women versions are available in Brown color.

The Orthofeet Charlotte slippers feature soft leather non-binding uppers, with an extra depth design and a roomy toe box, which makes them the perfect solutions for hammer toes, bunions, or other conditions which result in sensitive or painful feet. Although the upper doesn’t deliver a tight fit, it’s equipped with a velcro top, offering the possibility to adjust tightness a little bit, if necessary.

The interior of the Orthofeet Charlotte slippers is padded with faux wool. Thus, it delivers maximum coziness and warmth which makes them perfect for wearing them during winter or just about any cold day during the year.

When it comes to insoles, the Orthofeet Charlottes integrate contoured orthotic insoles, providing anatomical arch support. Their deep heel-seat adapts to the contour of your foot minimizing the pain generated by the heel spurs characteristic to plantar fasciitis. The soles are enhanced by air cushioning, designed to add spring and soften your step. Their Ergonomic-Stride technology, on the other hand, promotes stability and improves the foot motion.

6. Orthofeet Asheville Comfort Men’s Orthopedic Slippers

As we’ve already mentioned here, the Asheville slipper is the men’s version from Orthofeet. Although they’ve been around for over five years, the Orthofeet Asheville still are to this day some of the most comfortable slippers that you can find, and they continue to gather 5-stars ratings from users all over U.S.

As opposed the Orthofeet Charlotte, the Asheville slipper features an upper with design lines fitting men’s fashions. It doesn’t have the X stitching in Charlotte slippers, featuring a longitudinal stitch from the toes to the top of the upper. The toe box is spacious, perfect for men with large feet or various conditions such as bunions. However, the top features two velcro elements which can be used to tighten the slipper a bit in case it is necessary.

Just as the Charlotte model, the Asheville are only available in Brown color, with the classic soft suede leather upper.

Needless to say, they Orthofeet Asheville slippers are designed to provide orthotic support, integrating contoured orthotic insoles which deliver an anatomical arch support. Due to this feature, these slippers help alleviate foot pain, providing excellent comfort for men with various problems such as plantar fasciitis or rheumatoid arthritis.

The sole of the Asheville Orthofeet slipper features Easy Gait technology, being lightweight with air cushioning elements, adding spring to your step. They’re designed to equally disperse the weight over the whole footbed, to maximize comfort.

7. Spenco Women’s Supreme Slide Mule

The Spenco Supreme Slide Mule are some of the best bedroom slippers for plantar fasciitis available at the moment. Their construction combines leather and synthetic materials. To begin with, the upper is made of premium suede leather, which means these slippers are made to last. In fact, with proper care, you can have them for a lifetime.

These Spenco slippers feature a luxurious faux shearling inner padding and collar, designed to deliver maximum comfort and coziness during the cold days of winter. Also, their lining is Ultra-Fresh treated, to keep odors and bacteria at bay.

The comfort factors list doesn’t end here, though. These slippers have a lightweight, compression molded EVA footbed integrating the Spenco Total Support technology and contour, with a zero-drop heel lift for maximum comfort. Thus, they deliver all the support and stability needed by people with plantar fasciitis and various other foot problems.

The soles are also lightweight just as the footbeds, with a two-part construction, made to reduce fatigue. They have non-slip and non-marking properties which make them perfect for a wide array of activities that you need to carry out around the house.

8. Spenco Men’s Siesta Canvas Slide Sandal

The Spenco Siesta Sandals are made to deliver all the comfort found in moccasins, but with a thicker sole and footbed, designed to provide perfect support for men with plantar fasciitis.

Similar to the Spenco Supreme Slide that we’ve also mentioned here, the Siesta Canvas Slide Sandals also integrate a compression molded EVA footbed, enriched by Spenco’s proven Total Support technology. This type of footbed incorporates pods of varying degrees of hardness beneath key areas of the foot, changing the ground forces reaching the foot during walking. Not only they increase comfort, but they’re also made to diminish over-pronation. They deliver an orthotic-grade arch support, while the deep heel cupping provides excellent stability for the rear of your foot. Also, they have the zero-drop heel lift for maximum comfort, and the forefoot area integrates a layer of cushioning to disperse the weight over the whole front part of the sandal.

The outsoles are non-marking, and as opposed to the “Slide” term in their name, they’re slippage resistant. These properties make them perfect for a wide array of pavements and floors.

As their name suggests, the Spenco Men’s Siesta Canvas Slide feature a canvas upper, combining a kick-on/kick-off style, with an aesthetic moc-toe stitching. They’re available in Ash Gray, Java, and Charcoal. But, you can also find a version with a nubuck leather upper, Dark Chocolate in color.

9. Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper

The Spenco Men’s Supreme slipper reminds more of a slip-on shoe or loafer than of your average house slipper. One of the primary elements that generate this aspect is their soft suede leather upper with a poked pattern, designed for breathability. This slipper is equipped with side gore stretch elements to offer a custom fit to your foot. There are three colors available for the upper, these being Bison, Black, and Chocolate.

The interior of the slipper is generously padded with faux shearling, providing extreme coziness. The footbed is EVA made, featuring the Spenco’s Total Support contour, with a deep heel cupping for superior stability. The forefoot section is cushioned for optimal weight dispersion. Evidently, these Spenco slippers deliver Orthotic-grade arch support, perfect for anyone with plantar fasciitis, or other conditions that require foot stability and pain alleviation. However, these inserts are removable, and you can replace them with your own, custom orthotics.

The Spenco Men’s Supreme slipper is equipped with a light, two-part outsole, with two traction points, one at the large toe and one at the heel. They’re waterproof, non-slip and non-marking.

10. Haflinger Doggy Slipper

If you’re on the lookout for comfortable, durable and versatile slippers to wear around the house, Haflinger is a brand name that you should definitely put on your list. They offer slippers with different embroideries, including coffee, cakes, various animals, etc. In this part, we’ll address the Haflinger Doggy Slipper, which as its name suggests, features a dog embroidery.

The upper of the Haflinger Doggy Slipper is made of boiled wool which not only is soft, cozy and sturdy, it’s also flexible, being latex-enhanced. It offers excellent comfort for people with large feet, or conditions such a bunions, without generating a tight fit. The doggy embroidery on the upper resembles a Weiner dog with the head and front legs on the right slipper, and the rear on the left.

The footbed is wool-covered, designed to massage your foot with every step end furthermore enhance comfort. The rear of the slipper features a small heel guard, to provide more stability on foot.

The Haflinger Doggy Slipper features double-felt outsoles, which adds cushioning, enabling the footbed to mold over the shape of your foot. It offers optimal traction for various surfaces. Finally, considering that the slipper upper is wool-made and the sole is felt-made, these slippers are machine washable so that you can refresh them at any time.

11. Giesswein Unisex Veitsch Lodge Slipper

Although most slippers don’t have removable insoles, there still are models out there which boast this feature. The Giesswein Veitsch slipper is one of them. This is a classic German house shoe, designed to provide more support than other slippers, this being one of the main reasons we’ve put in on our list of best bedroom slippers for plantar fasciitis.

The Giesswein Veitsch provides superior arch support, integrating a footbed with cushioning elements. This type of footbed breaks in over time, providing that custom fit that everyone loves. The footbed is also removable, allowing its replacement with custom orthotics if it’s the case.

The outsole is made of waterproof rubber material which supplies excellent traction on various types of flooring or carpets. It features a rocker heel type, being highly flexible, and delivering a natural walking experience.

The upper of the Giesswein Veitsch slipper has a boiled wool construction, offering breathable wear and being naturally water-resistant. It’s slightly elastic adapting with ease to the shape of your foot, while the rear of the collar goes a little over the heel providing excellent stability.

12. Dr. Comfort Women’s Cuddle Therapeutic Slippers

Made of nubuck, these therapeutic slippers by Dr. Comfort may be one of the finest footwear you can find on the market today. There are numerous features in this product that you will love as these address your needs for optimum comfort. For instance, the footbed has an extra-depth design, and this offers relief and comfort to your tired and swollen feet. There is also the gel insert that serves as cushioning to your underfoot, so you will not feel as though you are stepping on hard surfaces all the time you have these slippers on.

Another feature of this product is the microfiber upper with fleece lining that provides maximum support and comfort all day. The toe box offers protection, and the outsole protects you from slippage, which means you can count on your safety all day.

These are great components and features of the product that make these as among the best orthopedic shoes for women. Indeed, you will experience nothing but ease of movement and comfort with every step you make because of the supportive features that these slippers offer – perfect for those who want to free themselves from painful and tired feet all day.

13. New Balance Men’s Float Slide

Another familiar name is New Balance slide sandals. They have also created a lightweight house slipper that is perfect for reducing the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Outdoor running shoes inspire the unique design of these shoes. They are more durable than most house slippers and look great.

What are the benefits of wearing slippers? Here are a few:

• It is easy to wear this type of footwear around the house or outside of the house if you need to:
• Slippers are easy to remove or put them back on very quickly:
• Provides continual arch support once you are at home
• Should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time:
• Wearing slippers around the home means less wear and tear on your everyday shoes

If you have heel or arch pain within a few steps of getting out bed in the morning or after sitting for a long time, standing for an extending period, walking for a long time, climbing stairs or standing on tip-toes, then you need to find right pain relieving shoes or slippers.

Successful treatments include adequate arch support. Always choose shoes or slippers that provide stable arch support, cushioning in the front area of your foot and a large shock absorbing heel base.

What should you be looking for in a house slipper when you have foot pain?

• A midsole that absorbs shock and reduces stress on your foot;
• Proper heel and arch support as well as orthotic support
• A well-known brand name that is known for this type of support

Slippers are not always the best choice for plantar fasciitis foot pain, and there are many common complaints. Although the slipper has an orthotic footbed, it does not have the support that is offered by a shoe. The slipper material is soft and can cause a foot to slide around which can lead to unstable motion.

Buying Guidelines for Plantar Fasciitis Slippers

You should look for the following things before you buying any shoes or slippers for plantar fasciitis:

1. Choose footwear that provides a lot of support and cushioning in the heel area. This will help your foot to be cradled inside of the shoe.

2. The shoe or slipper should provide excellent arch support to prevent chronic pain.

3. The heel counter should be very firm and not sloppy at all. Sloppy heel counters are not the best choice because they do not hold the heel in place.

4. The area of the midsole should be rigid and should not twist or bend at all. Low torsion shoes are an excellent choice with a solid and firm sole.

5. The sole in the toe area should be completely flexible, but the rest of the sole should provide ample support to your whole foot.

6. Shoes should be snug and close fitting, and house slippers that are used only temporarily should be loose fitting and comfortable. The area inside should be wide enough to fit the entire foot without crushing the toes.

Rather than buying inserts for all of your shoes, you can buy house slippers that are designed to help patients with plantar fasciitis. You won’t need to add any custom made insoles into these shoes, but they also aren’t meant for strenuous activity outside. These are house slippers that are designed to be worn around the house and reduce the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. A lot of the same design principles are used as with creating the insoles. The idea is to distribute properly pressure while remaining comfortable and fully supporting the arch of the foot. Several different shoe manufacturers produce specialized house slippers for this purpose.


Choose good shoes and slippers that are designed for plantar fasciitis. If you select shoes that are flimsy, then you are going to end up with severe foot pain and a worsened condition. Always over support, the arches of the feet and try not to use over the plantar fascia muscle band. The arch will collapse if the shoes are too flimsy, and this will lead to a lot of problems.

Plant fasciitis pain is caused by overuse of the fascia muscle band from collapsed arches from flimsy shoes or when people go barefoot. This is another reason it is important to wear slippers in the house to support the feet. Individuals who suffer from this type of pain need to support their feet when their arches start to collapse, and the plantar fascia muscle band stretches or begins to sustain micro-tears.

There are many elements that you should look for in shoes or slippers, and this cannot be stressed enough. Firm heel counters help to hold your foot firm in the shoe and stop your foot from twisting. Minimal midsole torque (the show cannot bend at the midsole) and the shoe or slipper only flexes at the toe box. The arch support should provide strong support with extremely secure closure. The heels should also be closed; this is why it ‘s nice to have slippers that are fully enclosed if you want to use slippers around the home. Always choose the most supportive shoes possible and add supportive insoles or orthotics that are custom made by a podiatrist to support your foot inside of the shoe or the slipper.

If this is not possible, silicone heel cushions are an excellent option for relief for your heels to help reduce the pain that you feel in your heels. Choosing house shoes for plantar fasciitis is a great way to ensure that you are protected from chronic pain at home. Never walk around your house in socks or bare feet, choose a slipper to support your feet so that you will not suffer undue pain. Remember, when your foot is not supported, you will suffer from pain that is much worse the next day, this will be pain that you wish you had not been forced to deal with. This painful foot condition is one that no one should have to deal with, but if you do, then make sure you remember to wear something supportive on your feet at all times.

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