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Best Shoes For Waiters and Waitresses

No doubt waiters are constantly moving around on their feet all day long in a fast-paced environment in which they are doing a variety of different tasks. Not to mention, they are also testing the limits of other body parts, as a waiter is a very physical occupation with carrying trays and learning their way around moving things and setting things up. That being said, the best shoes for waiters and waitress are going to aide them in their battle of providing comfort for their feet during those long workdays in which the legs are barking. Let’s take a look at the top six men’s and women’s shoes.

Best Shoes For Waiters and Waitress

Find the shoes that fit you, look good, feel good and give you support and cushion your feet on long working hours as well as protect your feet from slips and falls by providing non-slip outsole.

1. DANSKO Clogs for Waiters and Waitresses

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This shoe comes in at #1 on the list because the brand has consistently provided some of the best men’s and women’s shoes for the restaurant employees including waiters and waitresses. Take one look at these shoes and they just speak comfort. They provide superior arch support and cushioning to waiters and waitresses who spend most of their day running around serving food. They are very lightweight, solid colors, a 2″ heel height, snug fit, nice cushion, removable footbed, memory foam insoles, and slip-resistant outsole. Approved by APMA, they will reduce discomfort, foot pain, and back pain.


  • Removable footbed: It will help if you have any problem in your feet and you want to insert your own insoles or want to insert custom made orthotics.
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Rocker sole
  • Good for plantar fasciitis
  • Tested for Slip resistant which will help in reducing slips and injury


  • Too stiff
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

They are expensive but worth every penny for people on feet all day.

2. SKECHERS for Waiters and Waitresses

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This shoe comes in at #2 for its compliance with all regulations and standards in a superior way is matched up with the sportiness of this option. And this shoe is perfect for waiters and chefs who want comfortable selections like Timberland but more affordable. Dansko is more in the middle, and there are going to be two other choices so take a look. While this shoe doesn’t exactly beat the style of Timberland, have the name of Dansko or the sportiness of Skechers, it is a very stylish and even formal shoe that looks perfect with jeans or other types of slacks or uniforms. It’s like a one style fits all situations in which the style is not sacrificed when it comes to comfort. In other words, they both win. Oh yeah, and was it mentioned this is a slip-resistant walking shoe?

Skechers for Work -Waiters

  • Sporty looking shoe, made of soft leather easy to clean
  • Cushioning footbed so you get supported all-day
  • Flexible
  • Slip-resistant for water and oil as well

Skechers for Work – Waitresses

  • Smooth leather and synthetic
  • Padded tongue and collar for comfort
  • Soft lining and cushioned insole with memory foam
  • Soft and flexible midsole for shock absorption
  • Slip-resistant outsole which is flexible

3. New Balance Work Shoes for Waiters and waitresses

New Balance is a well-known company for providing quality footwear to all kind of workers with foot problems.

New Balance 626 V2 for Waiters and waitresses

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New Balance 626 Cross-training work shoes are made especially for the food industry workers who stand all day. They offer excellent support and removable EVA cushion footbed along with ADSORB midsole for shock absorption and prevent foot pain and body injury associated with prolonging standing.  The EVA cushioning footbed will mold to the shape of your feet to provide you a custom fit. They can benefit if you have flat feet. They are diabetic friendly and you can get reimbursed from Medicare. They are made of durable leather and provide certified slip-resistant outsole.

New Balance 526 for Waiters and waitresses

  • Incredibly Lightweight lace-up shoe for the perfect fit
  • Durable leather upper and easy to clean
  • Shock absorbing firm but flexible Midsole
  • Durable Outsole which is slip resistance to any wet, dry and oily surfaces to protect you from slipping accidents. Slip resistance properties are tested.
  • Removable footbed for orthotic insertion

4. Timberland PRO Five Star

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Speaking of Timberland Slip-On, here they are at #4 on the list. These elegant leather shoes with a microsuede lining are extremely stylish and provide some of the best comforts for all women in all positions. One look at these shoes and the men’s shoes from Timberland as well, you would notice the attention to detail in the most intricate ways. These are definitely shoes at an affordable price.

Timberland PRO Five Star Mond Work Boot

While Dansko comes in at #1 on the list, it could easily be said that Timberland PRO Five Star Mond Work Boot shoe could also be ranked that highly. It is the elite shoe produced specifically with the hospitality industry in mind. It is nice leather complete with scotch guard for the exterior part of the shoe. It also has a slip-resistant sole and anti-fatigue technology.

Timberland PRO For Waitresses


  • Good for all day long comfort
  • Anti-Fatigue Technology
  • Slip resistant outsole
  • Removable footbed
  • ESD Compliance

This super sleek with the slip-on design made of full grain leather upper and with cushioning around the collar and tongue for the secure fit provides all-day comfort. The inside breathable lining removes odor and is anti-microbial.  The anti-fatigue footbed is completely removable so you can over the counter insoles or custom-made insoles in case you have any problem in your feet. The anti-fatigue provides cushioning and energy from on feet all day. The footbed is made of conductive polyurethane material that protects in building up of static discharge. The Midsole is lightweight in helping shock absorption and the outsole is not only water slip-resistant but also oil resistant. The fiber shank helps in stabilizing your gait.

5. MOZO Shoes for WOMEN and Men

If you are looking for flat slip-resistant shoes for wet and oily surfaces, then take a look at Mozo Shoes for men and women. They are available in multiple styles and colors.

This work leather hybrid work shoe is just as much a stylish shoe that can fit any type of environment within the hospitality industry. Elegant and graceful looking yet also practical and classic.

They come in various styles for waiters and they include MOZO Sharkz Hospital Shoe, MOZO Forza Work Shoe, and MOZO the Natural Low Leather Sneaker.

High Top Slip Resistant Shoes from Mozo for Men

Employees in the service industry such as hotels and restaurants are expected to be on their feet for many hours at a stretch. This is why, it is important for hosts, hostesses, waiters, waitresses, chefs, and other employees to choose the appropriate kind of shoes to match their profession. There are many brands of slip-resistant shoes. The shoes for hospital workers and the food industry should include high tops, be slip-resistant, be comfortable and be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. High top shoes are best suited for this kind of work. This article will highlight the high top slip-resistant shoes.

High top shoes are shoes that significantly extend over a person’s ankle. These shoes are mostly used by athletes and basketball players. High top shoes should not be confused for ankle boots. High top shoes are beneficial for many professions as well. There are many professions in the world which recommend high top shoes for their employees. These shoes are much safer than normal shoes when worn while working in such professions.

High top shoes would help to prevent ankle sprains. Most of the ankle sprains happen due to sharp inward movements of the ankle. High top shoes will help to avoid this inward movement and protect the ankle from spraining unnecessarily. This is why; these shoes are highly effective for employees of a restaurant or hotel. Restaurant and hotel employees should stand for extended periods of time. Sometimes, they will have been on foot for hours and hours. This can have a damaging effect on their ankles too. High top shoes can help to prevent unwanted pressure on the ankles. This is why it is important to choose the best high top shoes for restaurant workers.

Even though there are many high top shoes for restaurant workers, all of them are not made equal. Some are not of high quality. It is very important to perform extensive research before selecting the best pair of shoes in this category.

MOZO The Natural Leather Slip Resistant Comfort Lace-Up for Men

The Mozo chef and restaurant employee shoes are manufactured using the proprietary MOZOFit System technology. This technology will ensure that the shoes would provide the best fit possible to the wearer. The company is aware that the restaurant worker will require the most comfortable shoes to suit their job, and the best comfort comes with the best fit. You are able to customize the best fit by way of 03 layers of insoles which are removable. You can remove the insoles can adjust the shoes to fit you best for additional comfort. The black Natural 3832 is great for male restaurant workers who expect to have the best possible traction and comfort from a pair of shoes. The black leather upper, the slip-resistant outsole made of rubber and the inner lining (apron inspired) are some of the salient features of the Mozo 3832 Men’s shoes.

The Bellows tongue will help to keep your feet dry throughout the day. The shoes are available on Amazon.Com at an affordable price. All in all, the Mozo 3832 is considered the best high top slip-resistant shoes for the hospital, restaurant and hotel employees.

Still looking for slip-resistant flat shoes for waitresses? Check out OwnShoe Flat Shoes.

These shoes wrap up the top five women’s and men’s selections.   The best shoes for waiters and waitresses have been laid out as the top five for both men’s and women’s shoes. If polled, most would say that they would provide comfort over style. However, the best brands featured here did not sacrifice style for comfort. They have both and are at the top of their industry.

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