Black High Top Sneakers For Men

High top shoes and sneakers are a gem to most men, and many will do anything just to acquire a pair. The reason why men value these shoes/sneakers is due to the fact that they are classy, light and provide an extended cushioning on the hill. The most coveted of all these are the black high top sneakers for men. Discussed below are a few brands you should watch out for, or buy in your next shopping spree.

Black High Top Sneakers For Men Reviews

1. NIKE Men’’s Air Jordan 1 Mid Hi-Top Sneakers

This is the ultimate shore brand and choice for most basketball icons and lovers. The Nike Air Jordan 1 mid sneaker is designed with a full-grain leather and Nubuck combination for comfort and durability. They are carefully designed with a solid fletching rubber cup-sole and soft heal cushioning for improved arc support, impact protection and stability. In addition to this, the outsole is made of deep groove solid rubber with tiny yet solid circular trends for increased traction and flexibility.  The toe box is perforated to increase breathability especially while in action. These sneakers are very lightweight and were designed from Michael Jordan’s inspiration of basketball footwear.

3. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

These are classic sneakers that have been in the market for years, and people love them. The converse Chuck Taylor all start are ranked among the best black high top sneakers for men in the world today for their design, lightweight and durability.

These sneakers are designed with rubber outsole with fine trends for increased traction and stability. The in-sole is also designed to embrace one’s foot and improve arch support especially for people who over-pronate. In addition to this, the Toe cap is protected with a rubberized material to prevent injuries especially when walking in rugged terrain. The lace-up closure ensures that the hug your feet comfortably, and this increases comfort and stability as well.  All Chuck Taylor black monochrome sneakers come with an all-star patch logo to mark its authenticity.

4. PUMA Men’s El Solo High Fashion Sneakers

PUMA sneakers have a great influence in fashion, sport and different lifestyles in the word today.  They are and have been a true representation of what sneakers should be. The PUMA men’s El Solo high fashion sneakers are made from both synthetic leather which contributes to its durability. They are also designed with an adjustable circumference that makes your feet comfortable in them.  Extra layers of foot cushioning and flexible in-soles provide stability and enhanced arch support for additional comfort. Its midsole and outsoles are made of original rubber material that acts as a shock absorber. The outsole contains carefully crafted trends for increased traction, hence making these sneakers the perfect anti-slip especially in sport.  The design and materials used to make these sneakers make them extra light and very durable.

5. DC Men’s Nyjah High Sneaker

Almost every professional skateboarder has these and there is a reason for it.  The DC men’s Nyjah high sneakers are very lightweight embrace the foot and provide great arc support, which serves its purposes in both sport and in the fashion industry.  They come with heavily trended rubber outsoles for increased traction and stability.

The sneaker’s bodyis made of a heavy duty and perforated leather which protect the user’s feet from external injuries as well as giving a free-flow of air.  This is very important in hot weather as it prevents sweating and inhibits toe fungal growth.   An interesting feature in these sneakers is the visible stitches from toe to the top of the sneakers.

6. Guess Men’s Trippy Fashion Sneaker 5.5

This is one of the most used casual-classy sneakers for all times. The Guess Men’s Trippy Fashion Sneaker 5.5 is made of pure synthetic leather and has a lace up feature that helps embrace your foot firmer. Its outsole is well trended and man-made with visible stitches all around, which add an aesthetic value to the sneaker.  These sneakers are very light in weight, embrace the feet perfectly and have added cushioning and arch support that help in pronation. The trended rubber out-sole provides perfect traction on all surfaces and act as anti-slip even on wet floors.

If you are considering buying some sneakers to use for outdoor, fashion or even sporting activities, consider looking into the brands discussed below. These will give you all the comfort and stability you need while walking jogging or while in the game.  You can find these sneakers in shops worldwide, though they can still be ordered online via merchant sites. Various merchant sites offer these sneakers at different prices and rates. Window shopping for these should however help you find these black high top sneakers for men at reasonable and affordable prices.  You can even make a custom-order for the same especially if you have a much bigger foot or would like to add some details in them.

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