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The Best Shoes for Bad Knees

Best Shoes for Bad Knees

Knee pain is caused by various factors such as wear and tear or injuries due to sports and other types of physical activities. Some ailments can also contribute to knee problems including arthritis. Those who follow a poor diet and lifestyle may be susceptible to knee pain, as well. Thus, it is best to use …

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Best Shoes For Pregnant Women

Wearing wrong shoes during pregnancy can cause morning heel pain, a common condition called plantar fasciitis, and it is due to the changes in the body that a woman goes through during pregnancy. A hormone Relaxin secreted during pregnancy causes the joint ligaments including feet to relax. The rapidly increasing body weight during pregnancy can …

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Skechers Nursing Shoes

Nurses work on feet all day. Many of them get sore feet, heel pain, back pain and leg pain due to wearing inappropriate shoes at work. The wrong shoes do not provide enough arch support their soles are so thin that they can not absorb shock.  Therefore to prevent foot pain, they need to wear work shoes …

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