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Dansko Mary Jane Nursing Shoes

If you are a nurse looking for a good pair of nursing shoes for your aching feet, and you don’t have the time to search the stores for the perfect fit, then Dansko styles in Mary Jane Nursing Shoes may be just what you are looking for. All the nurses around the world deserve our thanks and accolades for their tireless work in hospitals and clinics to provide comfort and administer healing to our friends, family, and anyone who is sick or in pain.  Nurses spend hours on their feet, walking and standing need to wear shoes that support their arches. Wearing unsupportive shoes can cause pain, discomfort, sore feet, and a variety of disorders such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spurs, back pain, knee pain, corns, calluses, and bunions, as well as disorders of the spine.

Why You Wear Dansko Mary Jane Style as a Nurse?

Dansko Mary Jane shoes come in a variety of styles, and everyone can pick a shoe depending on his or her preference and foot shape. Mary Jane styles give you a secure fit due to the strap that you can fasten over the instep to make a customized fit for your problem feet. Many people like my sister who has wide toes always buy one size large, and her heels slip off that makes her uncomfortable. She feels comfortable i n Mary Jane styles. Some of the Dansko Mary Jane styles come in dress shoes.

all Dansko shoes including Mary Jane styles offer support and stability for standing all day. They are cushioned properly to absorb any shock and stain while you work in a hospital on the concrete floor all day. They have wide toe boxes to accommodate bunions. Many styles are slip resistant and have accepted from APMA, and few styles are orthotic friendly. If you are a nurse and have tired and achy feet at the end of the day, then try them out. You will not be disappointed.

Dansko Annie Flat

Dansko Mary Jane Shoes

A good pair of nursing shoes can alleviate most of the problems associated with spending long hours standing on cold, hard floors, and walking for miles up and down hospital corridors every day. At Dansko, we understand how difficult it can be to have the precious lives of ailing and suffering people entrusted to your loving, tender, but skilled care, and that being a nurse comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility.  If your feet are hurting and your back is aching, it becomes a lot harder to perform your duties with a smile on your face.

At Dansko, we know that nurses always put the welfare of the people in their care before their personal needs and that they are sometimes expected to make life and death decisions.  To do this effectively, nurses need to be alert and attentive for the duration of their shift during which their endurance and stamina are tested to the limit.  How can nurses do this effectively if they are bothered and distracted by aching feet? At Dansko we know and understand that a nurse has a sworn duty to help those in need, on or off the job and in an emergency, they can sometimes keep going for long hours without rest or sleep.  Dansko nursing shoes will make the long hours of standing and walking more comfortable and prevent bodily pain and discomfort.

 To perform their duties to the best of their ability, nurses need to wear shoes that provide proper support and are shock proof and slip resistant for a secure and comfortable gait when walking.  Dansko Nursing Shoes are made of high-quality materials that provide the necessary support.  Nurses rely on the quality of their footwear to carry them through the heavy demands of nursing care. These modern mary jane style nursing shoes have a cross strap with contours that adjust to every step with unmatched flexibility.  The durable molded rubber outsole makes the Dansko Mary Jane Nursing Shoes as durable as they are stylish.

Features of Dansko Mary Jane Nursing Shoes:

  • Adjustable Mary Jane strap with a loop and hook closure
  • Padded collar for additional comfort
  • Full grain, soft, white leather upper
  • Stain resistant finish
  •  Pillow comfort footbed

If you are a nurse, you will love the Dansko Mary Jane stylish strap and the super comfort of Dansko nursing shoes.  The crisp white leather stays looking new for longer because of the stain resistance feature, and the rubber soles make these nursing shoes extra durable and shock resistant.

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