What are The Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Comfortable sandals for plantar fasciitis are those which provide your feet proper arch support good cushioning, and they are flexible at the toe box area with a firm midsole. However, sandals are not usually recommended in this condition, but podiatrists always recommend not to walk barefoot. Therefore You can wear sandals in and around the house only. The plantar fasciitis involves plantar fascia that pulls and causes tension to the individual’s heel bone, resulting in pain and inflammation. The plantar fascia can describe connective tissue in the foot, and the role of this tissue is maintaining the arch of a foot and functions as a stabilizer.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is a muscle and tendon band that runs along the base of the foot, under the arch. Without good support, it is easier for this band to get bruised or torn, and that causes the painful condition that is called Plantar Fasciitis.

Most people recover from this condition with a combination of better shoes, some time off the feet, and possibly some over-the-counter pain medication. However, it can be a severe problem for others that require intensive medical treatment that might even include surgery.

Are There Most Comfortable Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis?

During the summer, in a warm climate, people enjoy wearing sandals. However, most sandals are not a good option for people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. Typical summer sandals do not provide enough support and conditioning for people prone to this condition. However, some sandals are designed for plantar fasciitis. They are comfortable and offer the best support. Orthaheel Vionic Wave and Spenco Yumi Sandals are the best sandals for women and men.

Characteristics of Good sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

If you choose to buy sandals, these are some elements to look for if you believe you might be prone to plantar fasciitis foot problem:

  •  Firm heel
  •  It doesn’t twist in the midsole
  • Flexes at the toe box
  • Good arch support and adequate cushioning

These items are essential for people who have other foot problems. Also, people with either high arches or low arches may need extra arch support. In addition, those with an abnormal gait may need extra help to keep their feet from twisting. These problems particularly plague athletes and folks who have to spend a lot of time standing or walking for their jobs.

See, this particular condition tends to creep up on people, so it isn’t the result of one apparent injury. Instead, it is caused by constant pounding, but after this tendon group gets injured, it can take a while to recover.

Most people recover in a few weeks, but others never actually do because they keep aggravating the injury. Proper shoes or sandals can help. In some cases, a doctor may even suggest special inserts, but it is also possible to find shoes that are specifically designed to alleviate this issue.

This does not mean that sandals are off-limits for people prone to bruising their tendons and muscles. However, it does mean that cheap flip-flops and other sandals with almost no support are a terrible idea for walking on firm surfaces. On the other hand, if you wear flip-flops on soft sandy beaches, it is probably fine.

Two sandal suggestions: 

  • Crocs
  • New Balance

Individuals who suffer from this painful condition may benefit from choosing one of the best sandals designed to support, relieve foot pain and offer comfort. If you do not select sandals carefully with proper support and cushioning, then it may be possible your plantar fasciitis condition will get worse.

These brands, Crocs, and New Balance are popular choices for people with foot problems. Crocs tend to be more affordable, but New Balance is a highly recognized brand that produces nice-looking athletic shoes known to be durable. The durability of shoes is one way that New Balance wins over Crocs.

A more considerable investment in good shoes may last longer and work out cheaper. Also, the way Crocs look tends to be distinctive, and that look does not appeal to everybody. Finally, New Balance is very good at producing some very light shoes that appeal to foot problems. They are also breathable, so wearing closed shoes might be as comfortable as wearing sandals on a warm day.

In any case, both the New Balance and Crocs sandals are suggested because they provide plenty of cushioning. Another suggestion along that line, and also reasonably affordable, are Dr. Scholl’s Sandals. They have a firm sole that provides plenty of cushioning and a comfortable feel.

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While no sandal will provide as much support as an excellent closed shoe, these do a pretty good job for folks who may only have minor problems with foot muscles and tendons. Still, people who need to walk, stand, or run on a hard surface, will usually be better advised to consider lightweight closed shoes that have been engineered to provide cushioning, adequate support, and correction for minor problems with stride.

Also, check out Spenco Yumi Sandals.

Can The Best Sandals Cure Foot Problems?

In some cases, the right shoes of any type may relieve the aggravation or stride problems that cause foot problems. They could go away on their own. In other cases, You might need medical treatment.

Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-post Sandal for Overpronation

Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-post Sandal - Flip-flop with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support
Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-post Sandal

These Vionic Orthaheal sandals are one of the best sandals to relieve heal pain due to plantar fasciitis. They are supportive, well-cushioned, and have a motion control system to correct overpronation. Those Sandals are liked by American Podiatric Association ( APMA) due to their comfort and excellent arch support.

Wearing the best and comfortable sandals for plantar fasciitis can reduce pain and make an easier way to walk and work.

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