New Balance 626 V2 VS New Balance 526 Shoe

If you are on feet all day and you experience foot pain, back pain or knee pain, you need shoes that absorb shock and provide support to your arches and heels. In addition to the comfort, some professionals such as nurses and chefs deal with the slippery floors. To meet the requirements n ew balance has designed Work shoes. These work shoes are durable, well-cushioned, supportive and offer slip-resistant outsoles. New Balance 626V2 and 526 are two great styles you can choose according to the type of activity at your workplace. Without knowing the features the particular shoes offer, it is often difficult to decide which one to buy.  Therefore, I am going to compare these two products regarding slip resistant, cushioning, type of shoe, width and stability.

Here are the main differences and similarities they provide.

Type of Shoe

New Balance 526 is a walking shoe and has designed for forward motion. Therefore, it can be used for walking all day. New Balance 626V2 on the other hand, is a cross training shoe and provide side to side and forward motion.  It has designed for standing all day chefs in mind. Cross trainers are not for a particular sport or activity, but you can use them for a little bit of all activities.  For example, you can not run 5 miles every day in cross trainers.  You can occasionally run a couple of miles.  However, if you want to run on the treadmill, then you can use cross trainers.

New Balance 626 V2 Cushioning Shoe New Balance 526 Shoe
Cross Training Work Shoe Walking Cushioning Work Shoe
It is designed for forward and lateral motion It is designed for forward motion only.
It Provides a lot of cushioning and support for standing all day. It provides cushioning and support for walking all day.
Slip Resistant Outsole for soap, water for war ding and oil. Slip Resistant Outsole for water, soap and oil.
Approved for Medicare Diabetic Code. You can get reimbursement. This is not a diabetic Shoe
Sneaker Style Sleeky design
Weight 9.7 OZ Weight 7 OZ
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price


New Balance 626 V2 has built on MX-001 last.  That means that they are for regular standard feet.  On the other hand, New Balance 526 shoes are made for normal feet.  They are narrow in the forefront, but not as deep as 626. There is no measurable difference in between the two, but you can feel the difference when you wear it.

Slip Resistant:

New Balance 626 v2 are mostly for workers in the food industry.  Chefs, waiters and waitresses can enjoy new lug pattern that provides water and oil resistant and superior traction on wet, oily and soapy surfaces.  They are for anybody who needs all-day comfort due to standing all day.  New Balance 526 also offers slip resistant to oil and water and are ASTM tested.


Both models are cushioning shoes. Both models offer IMEVA, an injected molded EVA foam providing ABZORB cushioning foam for maximum shock absorption. New Balance 626 provide cushioning with EVA footbed. ON the other hand, New Balance 526 offers Dual comfort insert for stability.

Arch Support Comparison:

Internal shank provides stability in both models.

Diabetic Shoe Feature:

New Balance 626 approved for Medicare code A5500 for diabetes, you may get reimbursement. It has no sew lining that prevent blisters and makes them lightweight.  The Phantom lining is an inner lining that provides it smooth and continuous surface.  New Balance 526 does not offer diabetic properties.

 The Breakdown:

New Balance 626 is comfort and support for standing all day.  I use it for running on the treadmill.  It provides more stability and arch support with a lot of cushioning.  I would recommend this shoe if you work in a restaurant for all day comfort.  They are also good for flat feet because they provide EVA cushioning and offer internal stability shank for support.

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