Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots – Best for 2023

These ultra-lightweight boots from Skechers feature a suede upper mixed with premium leather overlays for fashionable protection and extra breathability perforations. The midsole is designed with the 5Gen cushioning system for enhanced comfort and shock absorption.

This boot also provides additional arch support, especially for active people. The outsole is also flexible and offers improved traction on different surfaces so you can take your walks or runs more safely, no matter the terrain.

Benefits of Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots

With underfoot cushioning, these boots provide superior comfort even when worn all day. The air-cooled Goga Max footbed guarantees maximum breathability and orthotic-friendly services, allowing the wearer to enjoy all the benefits of arch support on a lightweight sole. They are incredibly light and offer multi-directional traction, which increases grip and ensures footing in any weather condition or surface type you come across while walking or running.

In addition, the additional perforations in the suede upper add extra airflow over your feet, adding to your overall comfort. And lastly, multiple colors are available to find exactly what fits your taste and style needs ideally!

Features of Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots

The Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are made of a high-quality suede material that is soft to the touch and withstands regular wear and tear. The boots also feature a Goga Mat insole, providing exceptional cushioning and foot support. The 5GEN cushioning system ensures that every step is comfortable and smooth.
The slip-on design of these boots makes them easy to put on and take off, and the ankle height provides a secure fit and support. The shoes are available in several colors and sizes, making finding the perfect pair to match your style and preferences easy.

Ankle boots are trendy footwear for fall. It keeps the feet warm and makes you look fashionable. That is why many women make it a point to own a pair or to include it in their wish lists. The Skechers GoWalk suede ankle boots are the perfect gift you can give to your friends, relatives, and yourself. It is not an item only popular in colder seasons, but you can wear them all year round.

I love Skechers walk shoes and boots because they are built on Skechers walk technology for super comfort. I have been wearing the Skechers walk for about a year. They are comfortable, support my arches, are cushy, and come with a memory foam footbed. They are my everyday shoes.

Our choice – Skechers Go Walk Suede Ankle Boots

1. Skechers Performance On-The-Go Chugga Imprint Suede Ankle Boots

Skechers Go Chugga boots are slip-on boots and have everything you would expect in Skechers Go Walk shoes. Made of suede, lined with faux fur, and built on Go Walk Skechers GoWalk technology, these boots are so comfortable that you will feel like wearing slippers. They come in several colors. The chestnut color is classic. They are available in medium from 5-11 sizes and wide from 6-11 sizes.

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Move Chugga Imprint Bootie

What is Skechers walk Technology?

The Go Walk is a revolution in walking shoes. The outsole and midsole are made of a Resalyte material lighter than rubber and EVA, providing cushion pods on the bottom. These pods are under the heel where you need them the most. They act as a mini shock absorbent. They support your feet with every step you take. This Skechers offers memory foam fit from heel to toe at 360 degrees of memory foam on the inside. It will form to the shape of your foot, giving you a customized fit for your feet over time. The outsole provides good traction.

Why Skechers GoWalk Suede Ankle Boots Is the Perfect Gift All Year Round

Here are some reasons ankle boots are a hit all year round.

Ankle Boots Can Be Flattering

Ankle boots have many uses, so some people only see them as functional. They are, however, very fashionable and can flatter the right clothing choices. The fear of looking wider in the ankles stops other women from getting their pair of booties. Unfortunately, this is quite common, but many have overstepped that hurdle and even learned to love ankle boots.

If you have second thoughts about this type of footwear, let a quality brand change your mind. The Skechers Go Walk suede ankle boots are ideal for improving your style. You will be pleasantly surprised at the many ways you can wear ankle boots.

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Move Chugga Imprint Bootie

Adds Function to a Stylish Outfit

Although nothing compares to walking shoes for a busy lifestyle, they only precisely pair well with dresses or skirts if you are on vacation. However, you can add function to style once you learn the ropes of matching ankle boots to your wardrobe. The faux fur lining in the Skechers suede boots keeps your feet warm and comfortable while allowing you more clothing choices. The textured outsole with GOwalk impulse sensors for flexibility and traction also does a great job of protecting you from complex surfaces.

Changes Your Opinion About Leggings

If you are a fan of leggings, you can now mix and match them, even with just one pair of ankle boots. Regarding skinny jeans and leggings, a pair of heels are the usual go-to footwear. Ankle boots can give leggings a stylish edge and make it feel like you have slippers instead of heels. A monochromatic look where the leggings match the color of the boots is worth trying. Luckily, Skechers GoWalk suede ankle boots are available in various neutral colors.

Boosts Confidence

Looking cute and effortless in ankle boots is not just matching them with the right outfit. It is also how you wear footwear. Find stylish boots that are not only trendy but also comfortable. That will translate into your overall look if you feel comfortable and cozy in your shoes.

Makes Socks Look Hip

You do not have to pair socks with sneakers or walking shoes only. Socks can look hip and fashionable when paired with ankle boots too. Neutral-colored socks work best if you do not want to draw attention to the ankle too much. Wearing socks can provide variety to your ensemble and keep you extra warm. However, if you are wary of pairing socks with ankle boots, you still have other options.

It goes Great With Skinny Jeans

If you find leggings or socks too daring for ankle boots, you can always rock them with skinny jeans. Roll the jeans cuff to highlight the thinner area of your ankle. You can pull off this look with Skechers GoWalk suede ankle boots, giving you extra height. The larger the cuff, the longer your legs look. With all these outfit ideas for wearing ankle boots, it is the perfect gift all year round.

Price and Availability

The Skechers Walk Suede Boots are priced in the mid-range for boots, making them an affordable option for anyone looking for comfortable and stylish footwear. The shoes are available for purchase on the Skechers website and through other online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are a popular choice for comfortable and versatile footwear. However, before making a purchase, there are several things to consider to ensure you choose the right boots.

Size and fit:

The first thing to consider is the size and fit of the boots. It’s important to try on the boots and ensure they fit correctly, as this will affect how comfortable they are. Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are known to run slightly large, so you may need to order a half size smaller than your usual shoe size.

Comfort features:

The Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are designed with several comfort features, such as the Goga Mat insole and 5GEN cushioning system. Consider whether these features are important to you and whether they will provide the level of comfort you need.


The Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are made of a soft suede material that provides comfort and durability. Consider whether you prefer suede or another type of material and whether the material will be suitable for the climate and weather conditions where you live.


The Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are a versatile style for various outfits. Consider whether the boots match your type and will suit the occasions you plan to wear them.


While the Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are designed to provide comfort and support, they may not be suitable for those with severe foot problems. Consider whether you need additional help and whether the boots will give enough support.


Finally, consider the price of the Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots and whether they fit within your budget. While the boots are priced in the mid-range for boots, they may be more expensive than other types of footwear.

Considering these factors before purchasing, you can ensure you choose the suitable Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots for your needs, providing you with comfortable and stylish footwear you can enjoy wearing for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots:

Are Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots waterproof?

No, the Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are not waterproof. They are made of a soft suede material that can be damaged by water or moisture. To protect your boots from water damage, use a suede protector spray or avoid wearing them in wet weather.

Can you wear Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots in the winter?

You can wear Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots in the winter, but there may be better choices for extremely cold or snowy weather. The suede material is not waterproof, and the boots do not have a lining to provide insulation. However, you can wear them with warm socks and layered clothing to provide warmth.

How do you clean Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots?

To clean Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots, use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt and debris from the surface of the boots. If the boots are stained, you can use a suede cleaner to remove the stain. Avoid using water or liquid cleaners, which can damage the suede material. Once you have cleaned the boots, allow them to air dry away from direct sunlight or heat.

Are Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots true to size?

Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are known to run slightly large, so you may need to order a half size smaller than your usual shoe size. Try on the boots before purchasing, or consult the size chart provided by Skechers to ensure a proper fit.

Can you wear Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots with dresses or skirts?

Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots can be worn with dresses or skirts. The ankle height of the boots provides a versatile and stylish look that You can pair with various outfits. You can wear them with leggings or tights and a sweater for a casual look or with a dress and stockings for a dressier occasion.


The Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are an excellent investment for comfortable and versatile footwear. The suede material, Goga Mat insole, and 5GEN cushioning provide exceptional comfort and support, while the slip-on design and ankle height make them easy to wear and secure.

The lightweight design, flexibility, and easy-to-clean material make them a practical choice for everyday wear. Overall, the Skechers Go Walk Suede Boots are an excellent choice for comfortable and stylish boots.

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