Skechers GoWalk Suede Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are trendy footwear for fall. It keeps the feet warm and makes you look fashionable. That is why many women make it a point to own a pair or to include it in their wish lists. The Skechers GoWalk suede ankle boots are the perfect gift you can give to your friends, relatives, and to yourself. It is not an item only popular in colder seasons, but you can wear them all year round.

I love Skechers go walk shoes and boots because they are built on Skechers go walk technology for super comfort. I have been wearing the Skechers go walk for about a year. They are comfortable, support my arches, cushy and they come with memory foam footbed. They are my everyday shoes.

Skechers Performance On-The-Go Chugga Imprint Suede Ankle Boots

Skechers Go Chugga boots are slip-on boots and they have everything that you would expect in Skechers Go Walk shoes. Made of suede, lined with faux fur, built on Go Walk Skechers GoWalk technology, these boots are so comfortable that you will feel wearing slippers. They come in several colors. The chestnut color is classic. They are available in medium from 5-11 sizes and wide from 6-11 sizes.

What is Skechers Go walk Technology?

The Go Walk is a revolution in a walking shoe. The outsole and midsole made of a Resalyte material which is lighter than rubber and EVA, provide cushion pods on the bottom. These pods are the most under the heel where you need them the most. They act as a mini shock absorbent. They support your feet with every step you take. The inside they offer memory foam fit from heel to toe at 360 degrees of memory foam. It will form to the shape of your foot and over time, it will give you customized fit to your feet. the outsole provides good traction.

Why Skechers GoWalk Suede Ankle Boots Is the Perfect Gift All Year Round

Here are some reasons ankle boots are a hit all year round.

 1. Ankle Boots Can Be Flattering

Ankle boots have many uses, which is why some people only see them as functional. They are, however, very fashionable and can flatter the right clothing choices. What stops other women from getting their own pair of booties is the fear of looking wider in the ankles. This is quite common, but many have overstepped that hurdle and even learned to love ankle boots.

If you have second thoughts about this type of footwear, then let a quality brand change your mind. The Skechers GoWalk suede ankle boots is an ideal way to improve your personal style. You will be pleasantly surprised at the many ways you can wear ankle boots.

 2. Adds Function to a Stylish Outfit

Although nothing compares to walking shoes when it comes to a busy lifestyle, they do not exactly pair well with dresses or skirts unless you are on vacation. Once you learn the ropes of matching ankle boots to your wardrobe, you can add function to style. The faux fur lining in the Skechers suede boots keeps your feet warm and comfortable while allowing you more clothing choices. The textured outsole with GOwalk impulse sensors for flexibility and traction also does a great job of protecting you from difficult surfaces.

  1. Changes Your Opinion About Leggings

If you are a fan of leggings, you can now mix and match them, even with just one pair of ankle boots. When it comes to skinny jeans and leggings, a pair of heels is the usual go-to footwear. Ankle boots can give leggings a stylish edge, and make it feel like you have slippers on instead of heels. A monochromatic look where the leggings match the color of the boots is worth trying. Luckily, Skechers GoWalk suede ankle boots are available in a variety of neutral colors.

  1. Boosts Confidence

Looking cute and fashionably effortless in ankle boots is not just about matching it with the right outfit. It is also how you wear the footwear. Find stylish boots that are not only trendy but also comfortable. If you feel comfortable and cozy in your shoes, that will translate on your overall look.

  1. Makes Socks Look Hip

You do not have to pair socks with sneakers or walking shoes only. Socks can look hip and fashionable when paired with ankle boots too. Neutral colored socks work best if you do not want to draw attention to the ankle too much. Wearing socks can provide variety to your ensemble and keep you extra warm. If you are wary of pairing socks with ankle boots, however, you still have other options.

  1. Goes Great With Skinny Jeans

If you find that leggings or socks are too daring for ankle boots, you can always rock them with skinny jeans. Roll the cuff of the jeans to highlight the skinnier area of your ankle. You can pull off this look with Skechers GoWalk suede ankle boots since it can give you extra height as well. The larger the cuff, the longer your legs look. With all these outfit ideas for wearing ankle boots, it is the perfect gift all year round.

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