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The Best Cheap Nurse Shoes for Women

Most nurses need to stay on their feet for a large part of the working day, and experienced nurses know that good shoes are one of the most important parts of their work uniform. Shoes with good support and cushioning can help nurses stay on their feet longer. Shoes with slip resistant outer soles and protective features can also help keep nurses safe in case of dropped items, spills and slippery floors.

In other words, good nursing shoes are essential to staying happy, healthy, and safe on the job. Some well-known shoes are very expensive, and younger nurses may not have a lot of extra money to spare on really expensive shoes, but you can still find some decent affordable shoes. The main problem with many of these shoes is that they may not last as long as some more expensive ones. However, it might be a good idea to consider some of the best cheap nurse shoes for women.

The Best Cheap Nurse Shoes for Women

Of course, there are also male nurses, but this article focuses on shoes for women. Many of the same companies also make models for men.

Anywear EXACT Injected DBL

These shoes feature a high-quality solid rubber sole that has been injected molding. Additionally, the solid color cannot wear off because of hard use or spills.  These shoes feature a slip-resistant outer sole to help busy nurses stay on their feet in case of spills or slippery floors. These shoes can be washed in a washing machine and air dried, and this makes them a very practical and convenient choice too.

Dickies Footwear ZIGZAG

In this case, the entire work clog has been injected molded, and these shoes also feature a rubber sold. The shoes are very light in weight and flexible, but they still provide good support and cushioning. They feature a consistent and durable color, so they should not start looking old after a few weeks’ worth of wear.

The strap in the back can swivel up, so this shoe can be worn as a regular clog or with a strap. The rubber outer sole is also slip resistant and very durable. You can wash this shoe with cool water.

Dawgs ‘Working Dawgs’

These are another pair of work clogs, and they are made of synthetic and very durable materials. They have a slip resistant outer sole. The inner sole has anti-microbial properties which also resist odors.

Unlike some clogs, you can use inserts with these for extra comfort or to address foot problems. They also have a low heel and arch support. Plus these shoes are easy to clean.

Crocs Women’s Neria Work Clo

These shoes do not look like traditional Crocs gardening shoes at all, but are very appropriate for most nursing jobs. They are very easy to clean and care for, and they are made out of durable synthetic materials. The shoes feature a slip resistant outer sole.

Natural Uniforms Light Nursing Clogs

These are very lightweight clogs, and they have more of the look you would expect to see in a gardening shoe. Still, they are very inexpensive and comfortable. These shoes are made from synthetic materials, and are simple to clean with a little cool water and air to dry them.

Customers of these shoes are cautioned to purchase them 1/2 size larger than usual because they run a little small. Also, they have a lot of room for toes, but may run a bit narrow in the back, so they might not be the perfect choice for people with narrow feet.

What Are The Best Cheap Nurse Shoes For Women?

Every nurse has different needs, a different type of job, and different feet. While some women would prefer closed shoes that provide a lot of extra protection, many women are more comfortable in more comfortable clogs that are easy to slip on and off and clean.

In fact, some nurses may even prefer different shoes for different tasks. These shoes are so affordable, that you may decide to purchase more than one type or brand for different jobs. For example, some nurses may buy a more expensive pair of shoes for more formal duties, but they might also keep a cheaper pair of shoes for dirtier jobs.

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