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The Best New Balance Running Shoes For High Arches

The best brand of running shoes for high arches in undoubtedly New Balance given their dedication to blending the best in forward thinking, high performance shoe tech with the greatest in comfort and style.There are many different models to choose from however, and choosing just one when there are so many enticing options can be a daunting endeavor. The following paragraphs will cover which models make up the best New Balance running shoes for high arches currently on the market.

What to look for in shoes if you have high arches?

You need to find neutral cushioned shoes with high insteps if you have high arches. You may or may not have supination problem associated with it.

1. New Balance 890V4 Lightweight Cushioning Shoes for Men and Women

It has following features:

  • Neutral Shoe
  • Recommended for high arches, supination and plantar fasciitis
  • Lightweight
  • Seemless upper
  • Revlite midsole foam Provides cushioning and stability
  • Race Shoe

The 890 v4 shoe is an update to 890v3 which was named the “best update of the year” in the December 2013 Runner’s World Winter Shoe Guide. This is a neutral runner that is incredibly light while maintaining a solid feeling of support and comfortable cushioning. Those with especially high insteps will often find that other running hoes create a nagging and uncomfortable pressure point near the top of their feet. If that is to be avoided, it usually entails halfhearted workarounds such as wearing wider width runners that are actually too big.

The 890 v4 is special in that its design allows for a narrow, form fitting width as well as enough depth and overall support for high insteps without even marginally compromising how comfortable the fit is for the top of the feet. Because of that kind of smart design sensibility, the endless reviews that claim this as one of the absolute best choices among the New Balance running shoes for high arches basically speak for themselves. If there are any negatives to note, it would be the large tongue that some have found gaudy, as well as the small number of color options, but those aesthetic matters are significantly less important than how well the shoe performs given its status as a runner. Fortunately, great performance is one area in which the 890 v4 truly shines.

2. New Balance’s 1080v4 – Cushioning shoe for High Arches and Supination

It comes with the following features:

  • Neutral Shoe
  • Diabetic shoe which is approved for Medicare diabetic code
  • It offers a lot of cushioning

The 1080 v4 shoe comes completely staff trusted and runner approved. Its design features the highly responsive and long lasting N2 cushioning as well as an Acteva Lite lightweight premium midsole. The 1080 v4 shoe offers what is considered to be the very best and most luxurious cushioning that any New Balance shoe currently offers. The 1080 v4 has a wonderfully comfortable natural base that makes it a solid choice for orthotics. Also, the non-sewn “FantomFit” design makes this a great running choice for anyone that might be diabetic. The 1080 v4 may well represent the very best balance between lightweight build, comfort, and durability in the entire New Balance line.

3. New Balance 1400v2 – Neutral shoe for Men and women

As one of the most beloved shoes for both sprinters and distance runners alike, the New Balance 1400 marks one of the greatest examples of a lightweight running shoe. This is largely due to innovations like the brilliant “REVlite” midsole design. This allows for a 30 percent lighter cushion that is just as durable as any heavier versions in other shoes. There is also a non-sewn upper which helps the shoe’s total weight amount to an impressively light 7.1 ounces. If you are the sort to clamor for exciting aesthetic options, the 1400 has also been released in a lovely glow in the dark color scheme. With these, you can stay in shape, break all of your personal running records, and look great while doing it. If “light and stylish” is your thing, the 1400 is absolutely one of the best New Balance running shoes for high arches around.

4. New Balance 990 v3 Running shoes – Stability shoe for Men and #Women

The 990 v3 shoe (which is made purely in the United States) uses a polyurethane midsole that allows for a longer lasting cushion effect than the usual foam found in other shoes. This is mostly due to the “Abzorb” technology used in the cushioning design along the midsole. This allows for greater arch support. Even better, the dual-density collar gives the shoe a solid but mild stability that helps the wearer maintain a consistent gait while walking or running on the track. This will be a great entry point for high arched runners that are just starting out on a casual level.

So as you can see, between the 890 v4, 1080 v4, 1400, and 990 v3 shoes, New Balance has a little something for everyone. They excel in blending comfort and functionality. Because of this, there is no better running shoe manufacturer to choose from for those with sensitive high arches.

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