Superfeet Insoles For Flat Feet

Superfeet insoles for flat feet should only be used by congenital flat feel sufferers. You shouldn’t attempt to use them just because a friend of yours told you how good they were. If you believe there’s something wrong with your feet, book a consultation with a podiatrist or talk to your personal doctor.

If you’ve already been diagnosed with congenital flat feet, you can go ahead and buy such over the counter orthotics.

Superfeet Insoles For Flat Feet

There are two models of Superfeet insoles for flat feet: black and blue. You can buy the one you like most, as they aren’t any different from medical standpoint. There are a few differences, though, as you are going to see from the article Superfeet Blue VS Superfeet Black VS Superfeet green.

Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

These insoles are designed to support flat or low arched feet in slim-fitting shoes such as dress, cleated or cycling footwear. They help aligning the bones of the foot, thus preventing plantar fasciitis, hip pains, and knee stress or heel pain.

Made from synthetic material, Superfeet insoles for flat feet benefit from an antimicrobial treatment that helps reducing smelly feet. The friction control top is excellent for preventing blisters. The high density foam these insoles are made from is very resistant to moisture and has excellent shock absorbing properties, thus providing extra comfort when you walk long distances or do soliciting activities such as cycling or running.

Superfeet Blue Insoles

The Superfeet blue insoles have the same properties as the back ones, but they are designed to offer additional stability, thanks to their extremely stable footbed design, which respects biomechanical principles.

You should choose your insole volume and profile in accordance with the severity of your condition.

There are three types of insole profiles: low, medium and high. Low profile insoles offer the most accommodating shape and support, while high profile ones provide the most curvy shape and maximum support.

The insole volume can be low, medium and high. The low volume insoles suit almost every type of shoes. Medium volume insoles are perfect for casual and sports shoes. High volume insoles are indicated for roomy shoes and for boots. This system allows you to pick the insoles that perfectly fit your footwear and your feet, thus providing you a maximum of comfort, while securing the medical support required by your congenital flat feet condition.

In order to make your choice easier, Superfeet insoles use a color code in which each combination of a certain profile with a certain volume gets manufactured in a different color. Once you get accustomed to the system, it will be very easy for you to remember which type of insoles you need to order for each type of shoe you have in your wardrobe.

This is an excellent opportunity for congenital flat feet sufferers, because they can wear the same fancy shoes like everybody else, without having to worry their condition will worsen in time. It is important, though, not to buy such insoles without asking your doctor for a proper diagnose and medical advice first.

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