Wet Test For Foot Type

If you’re one of the many people on your feet all day, you may know the feeling of exhaustion at the end of the day. Perhaps you’re wearing the wrong shoe for your arches. Do you know your arch type? Let’s find out. Here is how to take the Wet Test For Foot Type

To begin with, you’ll need to get a Wet Test For Foot Type

This step will help determine whether you have high, flat, or medium arches. Not everyone has the same arch type, so this test is essential to determine what arch support you need.

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, you must step across the floor and leave some wet footprints. It works and is a straightforward way to determine if you suffer from high, flat, or medium arches. Be sure to leave a few footprints to check for your arch type.

Wet Test For Foot Type

Now that you’ve left a few wet footprints on the floor, dry off and look at your wet footprints.

Wet Test For Foot Type

Translating Your Test Results

Look at your prints and decide if they look flat, as in the old 1980s slogan of hang ten. If so, you have flat feet.

You have a small margin of the area where your arch (foot) doesn’t touch the floor, and you most likely have medium arches and probably minimal foot issues.

If you have a thin ribbon of an area where your foot touches the floor, you have high arches and will likely need special arch-support shoes with a ton of cushion.

Since your arches help absorb the shock of your body weight while walking, you want to find a shoe that provides the proper arch support. You’ll need to research if you have high arches, as these shoes are often harder to find.

When you go into a shoe store, let the personnel know that you have high arches, and they can direct you to the appropriate supportive shoes for your condition.

The wettest is a no-fail test that guarantees that you have flat, medium (also known as usual), or high arches. Since everyone is made differently, no two people will get the same results.

Taking the wettest is simple and easy, and you can take it in your home. You won’t need special equipment to take the test; you can assess your results without consulting a professional.

Once you’ve taken the wettest, you’re on your way to happier, healthier feet that will appreciate great comfort by selecting the proper shoes.

The Wet Test for Foot Type is a standard test that is easy to do.

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