Vegan Nursing Shoes

Nurses have always been discriminating customers when it comes to footwear. Their opinions are so well-respected that lots of other professional women look to them for guidance when they need comfortable, durable all-day shoes they can rely on. If you need basic, sturdy nursing shoes that are certified vegan (i.e. animal-free), two of the best choices to look at are Klogs’ Springfields and Minas from Skechers for Work.

The vegan lifestyle means foods and products that do not originate from an animal. Vegan nursing shoes meet this definition because they do not have any leather or suede components on the outside of the shoe and no wool or silk lining the inside of the shoe.

If you are a vegetarian nurse, then you must be struggling to find vegan shoes. The good news is that you can find top brands online such as Crocs, Timberland, Birkenstock, Danko, Sanita that offer few styles of vegan shoes.

Two of most popular brands of vegan shoes for nurses are Sanita and Skechers because they seem to be built especially for the profession. These brands protect a nurse’s feet from the danger of sharp falling objects and are easy to clean. These brands of shoes offer a slip-resistant outsole that can be important in a hospital setting. APMA approves some of these shoe brands.

These shoes offer excellent support for the back and the legs for nurses who stand up a lot on the job, often as much as 10 – 12 hours per day. These shoes are ideal for knee joint pain and back aches, providing excellent cushioning to the heel and helping to prevent plantar fasciitis. Here are three of our top choices in a nursing shoe that meets the requirements of the vegan lifestyle:

1. Sanita Women’s Vegan Professional Nuna

This manufacturer creates comfortable clogs in the Danish tradition and has been doing this since 1907. The craftsmanship that goes into these clogs in noticeable and the design is innovative. These shoes are very comfortable on your feet and easy on the eyes with many exciting new styles introduced every year.

For those who have committed to a vegan lifestyle, these clogs are APMA approved, meaning that they are vegan certified. The upper of the clog is textile and a combination of Lycra lining and textile care contained inside of the shoe to provide comfort as well as durability. The outsole is slip resistant and offers reliable traction control. The heel is about 1.5” and the platform is 0.75”. The fit is true to size, so you do not need to choose a size larger or smaller to find a shoe that fits your foot properly.

If you are looking for a shoe that is vegan and is entirely comfortable and allows you to spend a great deal of time on your feet, this is an excellent choice. This clog has a spacious toe box that provides your toes with room to move around in comfort. The shoe is suitable for those who have painful foot conditions like bunions or hammertoe and provides top quality arch support. The legendary support supplied by this shoe promotes foot, leg, and back health, all while allowing you to be stylish and look great too.

This clog is crafted with fabric and a manmade sole with a heel measuring about 1.75 inches and offers the vegan-friendly the flannel upper. The inner frame manufactured with synthetic microfiber and the canvas upper is made with a flannel fabric, colored and woven in an attractive pattern. The microfiber lining is fully wrapped around synthetic foam that works to absorb and evaporate perspiration from the inside of the shoe, keeping your feet dry. The soft top of the shoe is much easier to “break in” than classic leather tops that can rub and cause blisters. The shoe slips on and slips off easily, eliminating the need to stop and tie laces or having to retie laces that come undone constantly.

2. Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Slip Resistant Clog

One of the most popular brands of shoes among nurses is Crocs. This is because these shoes are not only affordable but are also approved by the APMA and are vegan-friendly. The shoe is entirely manmade and has a synthetic sole. The heel is about 1” and the platform is 1/2”. All Crocs have a standard width that is wide. Crocs have a unique lock technology that is slip resistant and meets ASTM F1677 standards. The Croc shoe is designed for both work and plays and has a durable Croslite upper that has especially enhanced arch support. The footbed contains circulation nubs that promote comfort for the full day. The tread of the sole of Crocs offers an extremely safe grip that provides the wearer with non-slip safety. This makes the shoe an ideal choice for those who work in hospitality, food service and health care.

This shoe is specifically designed for the woman who spends long hours on her feet. It can be slipped on and slipped off, and the Croslite material is ideal because it relieves pressure that is commonly placed on the back, legs, and feet. I love these shoes because I can wear them in any setting and they provide much-needed comfort for me to be able to be on my feet for long hours. At the end of the day, I do not have to deal with painful, throbbing feet.

3. Aravon Women’s Hillary AR Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Aravon Hillary AR Mary Jane style from New Balance is another vegan-friendly shoe that has all the features that are necessary for nursing shoes. They provide best arch support and offer a synthetic polyurethane upper with closed toe. The molded EVA midsole absorbs shock and will provide support to your arches even if they are flat. These are one of the best vegan shoes for nurses for their long shifts. The outsole is also, made of synthetic polyurethane that is certified slip resistant.

If you are a nurse and need a dressier looking slip resistant vegan-friendly pair of shoes that provide you enough arch support and the right amount of cushioning, Aravon Hillary shoes are for you.

4. Skechers for Work Women’s Mina Slip Resistant Slip-On Flat

These sturdy black slip-on flats are entirely synthetic, but they feature a natural look faux leather finish on the uppers. The one piece synthetic sole is designed to be slip resistant, and it features some fairly decent texturing at the toe and heel. Although Skechers advertises these as flats, they have some very modest elevated wedge heels; most wearers estimate that they provide about 3/4 to 1 inch of lift.

Skechers for Work Minas are “relaxed fit” shoes; in practice, this means they tend to run a little larger than standard sizes. Most wearers report that they get a better fit if they order a half or whole size smaller than normal. (Buying from a store like Zappos that allows you to find the perfect size is strongly recommended.)

Some customers have reported being dissatisfied with the heft and fit of these shoes, but this is by no means a universal complaint. Others — including active workers who wear them throughout long-standing shifts — report complete satisfaction.

5. Klogs Footwear Women’s Springfield Polyurethane Chef Clog

Klog’s closed back Springfield clog is a heavy-duty work shoe built entirely out of synthetic materials and certified as 100 percent animal free. The uppers are molded out of a proprietary polyurethane material that’s durable and easy to clean. They feature a generous all-around cushion at the opening. The soles are slip resistant and non-marking with a fairly elevated (1 1/2 inch) wedge heel. Springfields are available in a vast range of colors that cover both subdued, professional looks and some eye-catching neon tones. Klogs backs the durability of these shows with a one year guarantee.

The footbed is removable and replaceable. It’s intended to provide arch support (although some customers report that it doesn’t quite deliver) and its latex-free construction is designed to resist odors and bacterial infection. While fit tends to run as advertised, you should be aware that Klogs doesn’t make half sizes. If you usually wear a half, moving a half size down is likely to give better results than going up.

On balance, customer reviews for Springfields are overwhelmingly positive. The comfort and reliability of the shoes are particularly noted, and this make appears to support the manufacturer’s sterling reputation for delivering outstanding work shoes.

The vegan lifestyle is a serious commitment to make, but once you have decided that this is the way you want to live, it is important to ensure that you choose clothing and shoe that is also vegan. Vegan nursing shoes are designed vegan because of the materials that are used for their manufacture. Although the materials that are used to create these shoes are all manmade, they are designed with comfort in mind. A comfortable shoe is a must-have for the busy professional who spends a lot of time on her feet. Most nurses work 12-hour shifts, so they need a shoe that will stand up to the rigors of this long shift.

When you are searching for a vegan shoe for the nursing profession, make sure that it is APMA approved in that all of the materials used to craft the shoe are manmade. Many manmade materials look very similar to animal-derived substances, so not many people can tell the difference. With manmade materials, it is possible to have access to a wider variety of patterns and colors. Another great advantage to shoes with a high percentage of manmade materials is that they are a lot more affordable than animal derived products.

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