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Best White Shoes for Nursing School

Many students of today wear the Best White Shoes for nursing school because it is a requirement in their dress code. Shoes should be chosen for their comfort, support, and ability to be easily slipped on and off.So what is the big deal about white shoes?

Student nurses are often required to wear white shoes because of dress code requirements. Leather shoes are often the best choice for a number of reasons because they provide protection against sharp needles in the event they are dropped on the feet. They are also easy to care for by wiping them clean which is important because plenty of nurses are exposed to the body fluids of patients.

Why are Student Nurses required to wear Best White Shoes for Nursing School?

Nursing students are required to wear all white shoes especially when they start attending clinics. Most nursing schools have a strict dress code and require nursing students to wear closed all white shoes with no exterior markings or “stripes”. The shoe must be either leather or synthetic leather and not fabric because fabric can absorb bodily fluids and does not provide protection against needle sticks. The shoe should be completely enclosed so sandal style shoes are not acceptable and clogs with an open toe or heel are also not suitable. These types of shoes can leave a person susceptible to injury or other problems and often do not provide the best support to the wearer.

When nursing students start to attend clinics and spend long hours on their feet, they need to purchase shoes that are suitable for this grueling shift work. Standing on the feet all day requires a good and supportive shoe that eliminates the onset of aching feet and backache. Good quality nursing shoes should have a lot of cushioning and excellent arch support. It can be hard to find shoes that not only look great and are comfortable but that are supportive for the feet. It can be so much easier to deal with nursing school when one has the right shoes that meet the uniform policy of the nursing program of the school that the student enrolled in.

Finding shoes that are comfortable, look good and protect their feet can be hard to find but it is not an impossible task. We have reviewed many different websites to find a variety of shoes that are designed specially for nurses and you can choose many different styles such as sneakers, slip-ons, Mary Janes and clogs. Nursing school can be so much easier when you find the right shoes that meet with the uniform policy of the nursing program that you are enrolled in.

1. Timberland PRO Women’s Renova PROfessional

  • The shoe provides comfort and support all day long, even when you are working overtime
  • The shoe is constructed of smooth full grain leather to provide outstanding durability and style while meeting the dress code requirement of many nursing schools and hospitals
  • The shoe is slip resistant and stain resistant
  • A very lightweight shoe that will not place strain on the foot or make it difficult to walk around will not cause back strain
  • The height of the heel is lower than the standard Dansko shoe
  • This shoe is not as hard as a Dansko shoe, so a little easier to break in.
  • Designed for long and intense days on the job with Timberland’s Anti-Fatigue Technology, molded cones are inverted inside of the insole which absorb shock and provide support while returning energy.
  • Provides comfort and back and leg support to those who stand all day long
  • Has a heel to toe rocker sole shaped to conform to anatomical features and to alleviate the impact of heel strike
  • Entire shoe treated with 3M Scotchgard protector to provide superior stain resistance;
  • Large toe box allows forefoot adequate room to spread
  • Lining made from synthetic suede provides added comfort and odor control
  • Solid cement construction offers short break in period and flexibility
  • UV aging manufacturing process ensures white shoes stay true in color over the years

2. Dansko Unisex Professional Clog

The white clog has long been renowned for comfort and easy style and is a suitable option for your nursing scool rotation in clinicals. This brand of shoe is highly recommended by the profession because the support that is offered is unmatched by any other brand. For those nurses who need a supportive shoe that won’t hurt their feet, this is one that can provide non-stop comfort for those who need it for  nursing school where they are constantly on their feet. These clogs are manufactured with leather have a manmade sole and a 2 inch heel. The platform is 0.75” and provides for a snug fit in your required size. The outsole is durable and absorbs shock.

  • Highly recommended by the profession because it offers support unmatched by any other shoe brand
  • A shoe that will not hurt your feet and will provide non-stop comfort for those who spent time on their feet all day
  • manmade sole, smooth leather upper and two inch heel, higher than the Renova
  • Contoured leather insole and shock absorbent leather outsole
  • Platform 0.75 inch and offers a snug fit
  • Durable outsole designed to absorb shock
  • The shoe is much heavier than Renova, but consequently provides more protection and is much more durable;
  • A slip resistant shoe that will keep you safe in environments where there tends to be liquids spilled on the floor on a consistent basis
  • An enclosed shoe that provides protection to the entire foot
  • Provides a little bit of a height increase for those who have a slight stature
  • Shoe is easy to wipe clean
  • Specifically made for nurses so it meets many strict dress code requirements of schools and hospitals
  • Sharp objects will not pierce the shoe, including needles and glass
  • Offers superior comfort and perfect arch support all day
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association

Tips for finding Comfortable White Nursing Shoes

It is important to find a shoe that is going to support your feet and that is made specifically for nurses who face long days of standing on their feet for up to ten hours. Shoes manufactured by Timberland offer anti-fatigue technology which is perfect for providing superior support and much needed comfort when you need to stand all day long.
Shoes that are ideal for long hours spent on your feet include:
• Those that have a rocker sole because it helps with joint motions;
• Cushioning and arch support that is adequate to keep your foot comfortable;
• A smooth leather shoe that is easy to clean – can be wiped off
• Has a heel height under two inches
• Has a closed toe and a closed heel
• Provides superior comfort over any other shoe you own

Now you can totally keep up with any demanding schedule with these completely amazing and comfortable shoes. You will find that your weight is evenly distributed and you have the proper arch support that you need. Arch support is crucial to prevent foot pain and the resulting back pain that comes from improper posture caused by poor footwear choices. When you need to purchase shoes and you think that they are expensive, always remember that there is a reason why you are investing in yourself – because you want to be able to do your job in a pain free environment and the best way to do that is with the right footwear. Birkenstock has always had a reputation for supportive, well-made shoes that are pain free.

When you are on the hunt for white leather shoes nurses women you are doing so because you have a job where you are on your feet for most of the day. If your feet are sore it can cause back pain as well as foot pain which can cause fatigue. If you feel fatigued then it is going to be difficult to get through your day and nurses tend to work very long hours. Many professional nurses work 12 – 18 hours a day and have very little down time. Keeping your feet comfortable is an important part of your feet and joint health.

During your career as a nurse you need to find sensible footwear and leather footwear is among some of the most sensible that you can find. It is durable, it is water resistant and it molds to your foot, giving you a custom fit like no other shoe. Manmade materials do not provide the same type of comfort, fit or durability as leather shoes. Many people purchase manmade shoes because of their low price point but the truth is that these shoes are not worth the money that you save because you can start to experience foot pain which can lead to back pain. Once you are in pain, you will not be able to endure a long shift on your feet, so you really need to invest in a decent pair of durable shoes.

There is a reason that certain white leather nursing shoes for women are popular among the people that wear them. The main reason why certain shoes are worn by the majority of nursing students is because they provide the right support and comfort and they are often recommended by other nurses who have experienced wearing those shoes.

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