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Dansko VS Birkenstock Shoes

Dansko VS Birkenstock ShoesIf you are on feet all day and looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for your painful feet, then Dansko and Birkenstock are the two best brands. Many questions need to be answered before you pick up a perfect pair of shoes. Here we will compare Dansko VS Birkenstock shoes so you can decide which pair will offer most comfort and support for your aching feet.



Birkenstock is a respectful reputable shoe company that has been producing quality shoes and clogs in Germany since 1777. They invented footbed which is unique, contoured and they offer health benefits particularly with foot problems.

Dansko founded in 1990 is also a famous and reputable brand for clogs, shoes, and sandals for providing comfort all day.

The Dansko and Birkenstocks both are very comfortable shoes for standing all day. They both are durable and last forever and worth the money.  Buying a pair of quality shoes depends on personal preferences and the type of working environment. People with foot problems may need to try Birkenstock shoes because they mold to the shape of feet and provide customized personal fit it act like custom orthotics and you do not have to pay for costly orthotics, but they look ugly like crocs. Dansko, on the other hand, are stylish and offer more protection and support if you work in a hospital. APMA approves many Dansko styles, and some styles offer removable footbed for custom made orthotic inserts in case you case problem in your feet.

  • Birkenstock
  • Orthopedic Shoes for Foot problems
  • Unique Contoured footbed that molds to foot shape for custom fit. They can be used alternative to custom orthotics.
  • Soft leather Upper
  • They are Ugly Shoes like Crocs They do not offer many styles.
  • They also have rubber shoes which are washable. Leather Shoes are not washable.
  • Heel is Low
  • Birkenstocks are available in many lovely colors.
  • Not Approved by APMAFootbed is Reapairable
  • THey are cheaper than Dansko
  • More Flexible than DanskosSeveral Days Break in is Requires
  • They are available in Narrow for narrow to medium sizes and Regular for Medium to Wide size Feet.
  • They do have raised toe bar to separate the toes.
  • Dansko
  • Perfect Shoes for providing comfort all day in working environments
  • Footbed offers excellent arch support, but does not provide customized fit.
  • Upper Leather is Hard
  • They are Stylish with Many styles in Dress shoes, clogs and sandals.
  • Dansko do not offer Rubber Shoes. They have clogs easy to clean and some are water resistant and waterproof.
  • 1-2 Inches Heel. They can make you little taller
  • Danskos also offer many colors and prints in their clogs.
  • Approved by APMAFootbed is not repairable. Some styles come with Removable footbed
  • They are expensive.
  • They are stiff.Break in time is not as long as Birkenstocks
  • They are available in Narrow, Medium and wide sizes.
  • They do not have raised toe bar to separate the toes

Birkenstocks are functional orthopedic shoes. They are most popular with chefs and other restaurant workers. They have Birki Clogs, which are washable, breathable and provide stability and support for standing all day. They have only two styles which are slip resistant to oil and other wet areas, and they are Birki Professional and Alpro.

Danskos, on the other hand, are more popular in Hospital environment. As more people are becoming aware of all day comfort, many chefs, teachers and flight attendants are using them. Many of the Dansko styles are APMa approved and certified slip resistant.

Whatever brand you choose, make sure they fit you well. All comfortable shoe brands may not guarantee to be suitable for every individual because no two feet are equal in shape. Therefore buying a properly fitted shoe is a must if you need a comfort shoe.

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