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Skechers Memory Foam Shoes For Women

If you have had trouble with foot pain or lower back pain, you have probably wondered about the best shoes to address these problems. One name that is bound to have come up is Skechers memory foam shoes for women. Skechers is an excellent and popular brand thanks to great styling coupled with good design, moderate prices and providing memory foam cushioned footwear. In this article, we will discuss some of the best choices in memory foam sneakers offered by Skechers.

Your feet work hard for you all day long. Not only do they bear your entire weight, but they often tolerate more force per step when you walk briskly or run. Sometimes you may have on shoes that are not the best for your feet because you just like the way they look. One problem with shoes for women is that the stylish ones often are not comfortable. But that does not have to be the case. Women’s shoes from Skechers are stylish as well as comfortable for on feet all day.

There are many different brands of shoes with memory foam, but Skechers has started to use memory foam in their shoes to ensure that the shoes are well cushioned, supportive and provide adequate shock absorption. People who spend a great deal of time on their feet for work including nurses and chefs are interested in taking advantages of the benefits of shoes such as these.

All of the shoes with memory foam in them created by Skechers offer enough support and superior padding in the soles. The work shoe models feature a slip-resistant outsole and a removable footbed. Two of the more popular shoes from Skechers featuring memory foam are the Loving Life fashion sneaker, which is popular among women and the Skechers memory foam shoes for women cross trainers for workouts and walking.

These are two shoes created by Skechers that are designed for running and moving around. The most important feature of these shoes is the memory foam that molds around the foot and keeps the foot comfortable by conforming to its shape and making sure that all of the features of the foot are fully supported. If you have been looking for an excellent shoe that fits your foot just right, then you should consider Skechers because of the way that they fit. You will be pleasantly surprised about the comfort that they provide and the fit that you will enjoy. Many people are shocked at the price point because they think that it should be higher. Another thing that shocks people is the exceptionally light weight of the shoe. The materials that are contained in the shoe are very light, and this shoe feels like it is “barely there”.

If you want a lot of cushioning and comfort, I would recommend the Skech-Air pair of shoes. If you want the slip-on style and light weight, the Skechers Glider will be a  good pair of shoes. If you like a shoe that is in between – lightweight, comfortable and shock absorbing, the Flex Appeal will be the best choice.

The Glider shoes are for walking. They are not for running. For running, look for Skechers GOrun shoes.

The Glider shoe should be good for fitness Zumba classes, they offer a flexible outsole and are comfortable.

Here is a more detailed review of these very famous shoes offered by Skechers:

Skechers Shape Ups with memory foam

  • Shape Ups with memory foam provide more support and cushioning than Go Walk 3
  • They provide Rocker Bottom Sole but Go walk 3 does not have rocker bottom sole
  • They are one of the best shoes for on feet all day
  • They are also available in work slip resistant styles

Shape-ups 2.0 Memory Foam Shoes for Women

Shape-ups 2.0

All the shape ups 2.0 are built on the same design and all of them contain air cooled memory foam footbed, but they all have different uppers. The Everyday comfort model is similar to the original shape ups. The seamless upper made of Skech-Knit Mesh and synthetic overlays that provide support and breathability. The Air-Cooled Memory Foam provides support, comfort, and cooling effect.The Lace-up design provides an adjustable fit. It has padded tongue and collar for comfort. It carries a memory foam air cooling effect cushioned footbed for all-day support. TheKineticWedge foam midsole is designed to absorb shock. The rocker bottom rubber outsole provides support and cushioning. The polyurethane shank provides support and stability.

What is the difference between Shape-ups 2.0 and Shape-ups 2.0 Live?

The Live models are lower in profile, lighter in weight and more flexible than 2.0. The uppers of the Shape-ups Liv are made with lightweight, breathable mesh material.

The Skechers Shape-ups 2.0 shoes have rocker bottom sole combined with an air-cushioned Memory Foam insole that makes the arches higher than the heels.

Skechers Synergy Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Synergy Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Women’s Loving Life Fashion Sneaker is an excellent shoe for women of all ages who may have problems with shoe closures. This shoe features elastic laces that do not require tying. A roomy toe box accommodates problems such as bunions and hammertoe. The shoe is lightweight, and the memory foam sole adds extra comfort. The outsole of the shoe is made of extremely flexible rubber. Available in ten color combinations, Synergy is a very affordable choice.

This shoe is crafted with fabric and synthetic imported materials. It has a rubber sole and slips on easily. The breathable mesh construction ensures that your foot will not overheat even when you wear it all day long. The flex groove outsole helps to provide stable support and prevent slippage. The memory foam insole provides comfortable form-fitting support to the foot inside of the shoe. Most women love the fact that their shoes are completely comfortable because the memory foam provides a personal fit for the foot inside of the shoe.

The shoe works well for running, walking, working out or just wearing on the job. For those who work long hours on their feet, this is a shoe that supports the feet with comfortable and plush feeling memory foam. Any woman who buys these shoes and then leaves a subsequent review says that the shoe is great and that they did not feel it was too heavy. The shoes served their purpose, and most women were happy with them. They felt that the money spent was reasonable, especially considering the shoe being such a consistent quality and a top performance product.

If you are looking for some nice women’s sneakers, then Skechers memory foam sneakers for women are an excellent choice. Not only are these shoes ridiculously affordable, but they also provide crazy comfort that will shock you. You will love these shoes because they are light, and you will feel like you are not wearing anything. After all, when you work long hours on your feet, or you want to go for a long walk or a run, you do not wish to be dealing with sore and aching feet. It is crucial to have some superb footwear that can work as hard as you do and that is where Skechers come in. If you have looked at these shoes in the past but have thought that there is no way that they can be any good because they are so light and inexpensive, then think again because they are made for your feet and will provide you with the kind of comfort and support you are looking for.

Skechers Flex Appeal Memory Foam Sneaker

Skechers Flex Appeal prety city

Perfect for running or an all-around workout, the Flex Appeal is a pair of shoes designed for optimal comfort and high functionality. The Flex Appeal incorporates synthetic materials for its outer, including synthetic mesh that acts to provide ventilation to keep you cool even when the workout gets sweaty. Not compromising anything in looks, the Flex Appeals are intriguingly colored with a very appealing design featuring a color gradient. This Ombre tonal color effect is sure to be a unique and lasting appeal.

Inside the shoe, we find the exceptional comfort of memory foam. We also believe Skechers Flex Sole technology was acting to absorb shocks and allows for a more natural gait. These two modern innovations combine to form an exceptionally comfortable ride. To reinforce the stability of the shoe, the bottom of the shoe is equipped with an articulated traction outsole.

Skechers Flex Appeal is an attractive, athletic sneaker with a footbed cushioned with memory foam. This lightweight, attractive shoe is made of very flexible, breathable synthetic and natural materials. The lace up upper of the shoe is made of mesh fabric and trubuck leather. The sole is lightweight synthetic and provides excellent traction. Spring Fever is available in six fashionable color combinations.

These are specially designed to improve performance, durability and comfort. They are made from a synthetic material with a contrasting stitching effect. Skechers Flex Appeal come with the lace up feature reinforced with pull tabs at the back. They also have a tongue and a padded collar meant to make them fit correctly on the user. The insole is made of full-length memory foam for improved arch support and weight distribution around the feet. Its sole is made of a flexible and lightweight synthetic material. This makes these shoes very lightweight and significantly beneficial for people with over-pronation issues. You can purchase these shoes from online merchant stores and have them shipped to your address.

WOMENS Synergy Memory Foam Sneakers

Composed of a mixture of leather and synthetic materials, the Synergy’s are a pair as exciting visually as they are in their scope of possible uses. While most of the shoe is a black monochrome, the bottom is a brightly colored rubber sole. Other adornments break the darkness with bright, eye-catching colors at key points around the shoe.

But aside from the look, we find a good pair of trainers. With a rubber outsole and memory foam insole, the Synergy’s provide exceptional shock absorption and nearly unrivaled comfort from the moment they are first slipped on.

SKECH-AIR INFINITY Women’s Memory Foam shoes


If you need a pair of shoes for a lot of walking, standing, or training, then these shoes will give you comfort by proving you superior arch support. These shoes are designed for the high level of fitness training activities due to the air cushioning in the heel. The midsole and gel infused memory foam footbed provide additional cushioning and support. They are lightweight and weigh only 6-9 oz.

Made of the mesh upper, they are breathable by allowing air flow. The lace-up design offers secure and adjustable fit. Soft padded tongue and collar along with fabric lining will provide you added comfort. The memory foam footbed provides cushioning for shock absorption for all day comfort. The outsole is made rubber for traction and also have air cushion packages for more shock absorption.

If you regularly work on feet all day on the concrete floor or just walk all day, try Skech Air Infinity for maximum support and comfort for your feet.

Skechers FLEXIBLES  Memory Dress Shoes

Skechers Women's Flexibles Slip-On Dress Pump

Leather upper with an easy slip on design with goring on the side for comfortable fit. On the inside, there is a soft fabric lining. Memory foam footbed will give you cushioning for all day. It will also provide you support and will give you custom fit to your feet by molding your feet on the memory foam.  On the bottom, there is a chunky heel for the stability that is also stylish. The outsole is made of durable rubber for traction, and it is flexible. Heel height 1 3/4 and weight is 10 oz.

If you want comfortable shoes and want stylish shoes at the same time, then these shoes are for you.

How does Memory Foam Make a Shoe More Comfortable for Standing in All Day Long?

Memory foam is one of the best choices for making a shoe entirely comfortable and there are many reasons for this, including:

  • It provides a custom fit from the toe to the heel
  •  Can help with the relief of pressure on joints including the hip joint, knees, ball of the foot and bunions
  •  It molds to the exact shape of the foot so that it supports the foot with all of its structures carefully embraced
  •  Can provide relief for those who suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis
  • The foam provides ample support to the arches and helps to stabilize the feet by preventing them from rolling in or rolling out from the ankle joint
  •  Shoes with memory foam are ideal for people who have issues with supination, under pronation or over pronation

Why choose Memory Foam shoes?

Memory foam is made of polyurethane, a substance that molds to your feet once you put pressure on your shoes. It returns to the original structure once you remove the pressure. Due to this property, the shoes made of memory foam are very comfortable. Skechers is a favorite brand to use memory foam in their shoe lines, especially sneakers.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is comprised of Polyurethane, which is a substance that, when treated with additional chemicals changes in density and viscosity. When memory foam is used in shoes, it is designed to mold to the shape of the foot with a combination of body weight and body heat. The foam ensures that the weight of the body is distributed evenly on the shoes, and once the shoes are removed, it will always revert to its original shape and form.

Many have the concern that when they remove the shoe that the memory foam will not recover to its original form. Time and time again, and after many times wearing the shoe, the foam reverts to the original form it was in once the shoe has been removed. There is no need to have a concern about if the shoe has been “ruined” by wearing it for too long or if the memory foam has been shaped into something it will not recover from. The memory foam has the memory of its original form and that is what it reverts to. It is never forced to stay in the shape of your foot after the shoe has been removed. You can wear it for five minutes or five hours, and the foam slowly regains its original form when the shoe has been removed.

If you have been curious about Skechers memory foam shoes for women, we hope that this article has provided you with some excellent answers to your questions and continued guidance that will help you make the best choice to suit your needs. Women the world over have found that Skechers is an excellent go-to source for high quality, reliable support and tremendous comfort in shoes that address the many and varied needs of women facing all manner of the foot, leg and back pain challenges.

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