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Best Shoes for Restaurant Workers

In the service industries such as restaurants and hotels, many of its employees are expected to be on their feet for many hours at a time. These types of workers will fall into the categories such as hosts, hostesses, waitress or waiter, chefs and other types of people working in the kitchen. It is important that these kinds of workers choose appropriate best shoes for restaurant workers. Slip resistant work shoes are ideal for those working in fast paced restaurants where trips and slips are standard.

Best Shoes for Restaurant Workers – Slip Resistant Shoes

Buying the Best Shoes for Restaurant Workers is necessary for people that work in environments where they need to be on their feet for extended hours. The shoes must provide comfort, adequate support, cushioning, oil and water non-slip outsoles, stain-resistant, easy to clean and be able to offer the wearer an antibacterial aspect so they will never smell. Slip on and off shoes work best in these situations. Finally, they should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use and can hold up under some relatively harsh conditions.

Slip on and off shoes work best in these situations. Finally, you should invest in shoes that can hold up under some relatively harsh conditions.

1. New Balance 626 V2 – For Men and women

If you work in any kitchen, your feet can be very vulnerable to the demands of your career. You need good shoes that can support your feet during a full day of standing.New Balance 626 V2 is a cross trainer shoe that provides comfort and support for lateral movements, and they have specially designed for chefs for standing all day. Since kitchen areas can be very hazardous, the certified slip resistant outsole for all kind of slippery floors will protect your feet. The leather is durable enough to protect your feet from dangerously dropped items.

The EVA removable cushioned footbed will mold to the counters of your foot to provide you support and comfort that you can for flat feet. The midsole provides shock absorption and will protect you from stress and strains from on feet all day. The internal shank offers support and stability. They are one of the most comfortable shoes for restaurant workers.  They provide enough support and EVA cushioning for flat feet suffers.


These shoes have used for many years in the service industries related to restaurants and hotels. They provide ultimate comfort to people who work long hours and have to be standing for these hours. The shoes offer leather upper and outsoles that absorb shock. The shoes are slip resistant and can withstand hard use over a longer period.  Many styles offer slip resistant outsoles, and some of them are specifically designed for chefs for men and women.

The Dansko brand is a favorite with professionals who have to stand and walk all day. They make several different products that might work well for you. Here is a couple to consider.

All these products have slip-resistant soles and a water resistant upper side.

Dansko Pro XP Clogs for Restaurant workers – Men and Women

Dansko Pro XP Clogs are very comfortable for being on feet all day.  The outsole is slip resistant on oily and wet surfaces.  They are flexible, lightweight and breathable.  The memory foam footbed molds to your feet and is good for shock absorption.  They also are approved by APMA.

Dansko Elise Work Sneaker – Women

They carry the seal of acceptance from APMA and features smooth upper leather with slip resistant sole for safety in oily and wet conditions.  They are easily slip on and off.  The footbed is removable for orthotics.  The insole made of EVA foam that is triple density. The midsole also offers additional cushioning. The leather is water-resistant and can be easily wiped off for cleaning. All in all, they are well constructed for standing all day in the kitchen.  They are one of the best slip resistant shoes for restaurant workers.

3. Sketcher Work Shoes

Skechers have become a favorite work shoe manufacturer for the men and women because of their comfortable, supported insoles and their slip resistant technology that has designed according to the industry standards. These shoes are slip resistant and can stand up to the toughest work environments. One of the toughest work environments for shoes is the kitchen. A professional kitchen can be smoky, slippery and dangerous. That’s why so many men choose to wear Skechers work shoes if they are working in the kitchen.

Sketcher work shoes are made with all-day comfort in mind. The great aspect of using sketches for restaurant purposes is that they offer the workers with a good look, cushioning, arch support and best of all they are affordable. The outsoles are designed non-slip even on the oily and wettest surfaces.

Skechers offers the variety of work shoes and boots for all kind of jobs. They include non-slip work shoes, shoes for medical professionals, safety toe shoes and electrical hazard safe shoes. Skechers shape ups slip resistant work shoes are one of the best shoes for standing 10-12 hours a day.  They provide excellent arch support and a lot of cushioning to keep your feet healthy during the heavy load of work. They help to relieve foot pain, back pain and motivate to walk more.

The Skechers Work Slip Resistant Shoes has tested for its slip resistance feature to ensure that they meet the requirement of Working standards.

Skechers Work Shoes For Men:

If you are a chef and work most of the day standing, then these shoes are perfect for you. They are affordable, slip resistant, easy on and off, well ventilated, cushioned and come with moderate arch support.

Skechers Shape-ups Liv Slip Resistant Brawny for men are comfortable and supportive shoes for standing all day. They are very comfortable and have enough support and added cushioning. If you do not like the sporty style, then try Skechers Magma and Skechers Piers, which are also good slip resistant shoes. If you are looking slip resistant shoes to protect your toes, then try Skechers Synergy Sure Gripper work shoes.

If you want most comfortable shoes, then take a look on Flex Advantage, Liv SR Brawny models or McAllen SR.

Skechers for Work Cottonwood Slip Resistant Work Shoe  – most arch supportive

This is the perfect shoe for a man who wants to stay in style and stay safe at work. The beautiful detail and leather on the outside make this Skecher shoe stand out, but it’s what’s on the bottom and the inside that’s special. On the bottom is a specially designed slip-resistant sole and its non-slip soles will not lose grip on any wet or oily surfaces. This has made the shoe extremely popular among male chefs who don’t want to slip up on the job, no pun intended.

The top of the shoe has designed with authentic, full grain leather in the fashion of a rather dress shoe. The outline of the shoe has accented with a light stitching pattern. The collar for the shoe is padded and extremely comfortable, and the insole is removable. These shoes do not contain any metal stability shank, and they are safe for airport workers.

If you need more supportive and comfortable shoes with memory foam for working on concrete floor 8-12 hours a day, Skechers Cottonwood Fribble shoes are for you.

It weighs 12 Oz to 17 Oz depending on the size of shoes. It is one of the lightweight work shoes. It is considered all-purpose shoes for work.

If you are looking for steel toe work shoes, then check out Exalt Forge steel toe shoes.

Looking Skechers work shoes for Plantar Fasciitis? Check out Skechers Exalt Slip Resistant Shoes.

If you are a restaurant manager and work 10-12 hours on feet all day, I would recommend Cottonwood – Fribble model, slip on Hobbes slip resistant or Rockland-Hooper. The Relaxed Fit collection of shoes offers Memory Foam footbed with wide toe box.

Skechers Work Shoes For Women:

Skechers has created shoes for narrow to wide sizes.

The Relaxed Fit collection of work shoes are roomy in the forefront, but snug in the heel area. If you have narrow feet, you may get a shoe that is not from the Relaxed Fit collection, but that offer a Memory Foam insole so that it gives you custom-fit for your narrow feet.

The Relaxed Fit styles of shoes are designed for the long hour on feet for comfort, and they come with Memory Foam insoles for additional support to your feet.

 Skechers for Work Sure Track Trickel – Relaxed Fit for Women

With true to size, with no break in needed, they are one of my favorites for kitchen work.  They are comfy, stylish, well cushioned and with good arch support.  I can work in the kitchen all day long without feeling achy and tired feet.

The Trickel’s great Sleek design offers the soft leather for easy clean. This lace up model provides the perfect adjustable fit. The inside lined with the breathable lining, and full-length memory foam insole is completely removable for all day comfort. The midsole is extremely lightweight, flexible and helps in absorbing shock. The outsole has electrical hazard safety and is slip resistant to various wet surfaces including oily surfaces.

Since they are part of relaxed fit series, they may not fit to narrow feet sizes. The relaxed fit Trickle style offers a wide toe box and can fit any feet with forefront deformity including bunions. They are one of the best shoes for restaurant workers who walk and stand all day on concrete floor. They offer excellent arch support and cushioning.

These Trickels are excellent for a fast-paced restaurant workplace, but if you like more cushioning and arch support in your kitchen work shoes, I would recommend you check out Work Shape-ups, the Elon from, Work Tone-ups or the Work Liv shoes.

SKECHERS Work Eldred Fresno

  • Very lightweight 8 oz
  • Upper leather and fabric for a fantastic look
  • Slip on design with elastic laces
  • lined interior with breathable lining
  • Contoured cushion memory foam for a personalized fit
  • Cushioned insole on top of memory foam for excellent shock absorption
  • lightweight and flexible outsole that is not only slip-resistant but has tested for electrical hazard safety.

4. Crocs Restaurant Shoes

Crocs Bistro Mario Batali Edition Clog

Restaurant work usually means the worker will be subjected to many hours of standing and walking. Crocs specifically made for restaurant work can offer the wearer a much more comfortable way to get through the long hours of standing. The shoes are extremely lightweight and the foot bed comes with a material known as Croslite. The shoes are incredibly easy to clean and can withstand hours and hours of use on a daily basis.

You might associate Crocs brand with rubbery looking garden clogs. However, Crocs makes shoes for professionals too.  They are the cheapest slip resistant but one of the best shoes that provide cushioning and support for standing all day long.

Crocs Bistro Mario Batali Unisex: These are designed for chefs. They are slip-resistant, cushioned, and they come with a good arch support.  Some styles are ventilated with holes on the sides.

5. Birkenstocks Birki’s

Birkenstock Professional Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe Men and Women

These clogs are easy to take on and off, and all that is needed is an adjustment in the buckle for a sturdy, comfortable wear. They are great for people who either have flat or wide feet as these shoes can accommodate these types of feet. The shoes are great for people who suffer from pain in their feet from having to stand for longer periods. They fit the feet very well and can never smell due to the antibacterial factor built into the innersoles.

These are good looking slip resistant shoes that can be used for chef, waiters, waitress and even hospital workers.  They offer cork footbed that molds according to the shape of your feet.  The slip resistant outsole is certified.  They provide excellent arch support and absorb shock for standing all day.

Birkenstock clogs are most popular chef clogs and are they famous for comfort, durability, and support. Few styles offer slip-resistant outsoles.

They are one of the most famous chef clogs and provide support and cushion for all day standing at the job.  These shoes provide deep heel cup, breathable leather, EVA cushioning for shock absorption that molds to your foot and slip resistant outsole.  They are durable and lightweight. You can easily take them off in the case hot water spills on your feet.

6. Timberland Shoes

Timberland began in 1973 and designed the first leather boot that was water resistant, and these shoes are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and rugged durability. The restaurant range of shoes offers the user for comfortable long-term use along with outsoles that are resistant to slipping. They have shoes for both men and women in various styles.

For Men:

Timberland PRO Biltmore Chef Work

For Women:


They are one of the most comfortable restaurant shoes for women.  They are cute and come with the slip-resistant outsole that offers good traction on oily and wet floors.  They also provide anti-fatigue technology for providing comfort for standing and walking all day.

Timberland professional shoes deliver style, comfort, and smart design. They have an exclusive anti-fatigue technology that is designed to help you hold up longer. They are also slip-resistant and are well ventilated to help keep your feet cool. Many styles come with removable footbeds to make it easier to insert your inserts.  I like the Five-Star series due to their anti-fatigue and rocker bottom outsoles.

7. Mozo Shoes

Restaurant workers require shoes that are easy on the feet and look great with the uniform that is being worn.  MOZO’s Sneakers for men and women are easily the best slip resistant canvas shoes on the market at the moment.

These shoes have all that is required in the modern age from quality shoes for restaurant workers. Stop worrying about solutions which are just not worth the money. You want to make the right purchase immediately and these are definitely the best canvas shoes to consider for restaurant workers especially for waiters and waitresses.

Comfortable and Supportive

These shoes look great and they feel great, it just does not get better than this for those who want something unique and beautiful. They are truly a well-built pair of shoes that are worth your money.

Water Resistant Top and Slip-resistant Outsole

As a restaurant worker, there are many requirements that are going to become a reality as soon as you start working. All professionals state they require shoes that are slip-resistant as the oily surfaces are tricky to navigate, but they also need water resistant shoes too.

This pair of shoes is remarkable because it has the complete package that you are searching for. It is perfect for dealing with water and especially for those who like to wear these everywhere they go mainly on adventures. These are the only options that are going to work correctly in all situations without failure.

Multiple Styles and Colors

The final positive that comes from considering these shoes has to be the variety. Everyone has their own taste and preference when it comes to how their shoes look.

There are multiple colors that are on offer including black, red, and white. These are wonderfully designed and each one is as good as the other which is impressive.

There is also a variation present when it comes to the fasteners. You can either go with the lace up or slip on variety and still get the same feel that you covet. This is what matters the most.

These are just some of the variations that are on offer with this type of shoe. You will immediately realize that you have got your hands on the best slip resistant canvas shoes on the market when you see these. They are well designed and just look better than anything else that is out there at the moment. These are shoes that have been designed with care and it shows through the impressive detailing that is done on the shoes. They look wonderful and perform even better for those who are constantly working in high-intensity areas.

What Are The Most Comfortable Chef Shoes For Standing All Day?

Of course, comfort will be your first consideration. Even though good shoes can help you avoid injuries and foot problems, your primary focus will probably be on avoiding aching feet at the end of a hard day of work.

This is a general checklist to help you find the best shoes for your needs. The shoe recommendations below tend to conform to these guidelines.

  • They are slip-resistant and comfortable on hard floors.
  • They can be removed and cleaned easily.
  • They have additional arch supports to keep your feet from aching.
  • Some have a removable foot bed in case other inserts would help support your feet better.
  • Get shoes with a wide toe box if you have bunions or wide feet.

You might think that this list is pretty long, and you will have a hard time finding the right shoes. However, many real companies have already developed shoes with the needs of chefs and other kitchen workers in mind.

What Are Eco-Friendly Vegan Chef Shoes?

Are you a vegan chef or restaurant owner who also wants to promote an ecologically-friendly lifestyle? If so, you probably already reflect your values in the healthy, vegetarian, and sustainable food that you serve to your guests. To present a valid image to the world, you should also support your goals with they type of clothes and shoes that you purchase. In fact, you probably feel great when you help other companies with the same mission that you have.

What Do Good Chef Shoes Do?

Working on your feet all day in a kitchen can be brutal. You have probably already learned the hard way that you need to rely on a good pair of shoes that can provide support, safety, and comfort. You might already know that there are several good brands of chef shoes, but are there any that constructed with sustainable materials that do not come from animals?

Is Vegan Always A Sign Of Stability?

First, you should know that vegan; sustainable, and eco-friendly do not always go together. There are manmade and synthetic products that might require more energy to produce those animal products. Also, they might be made from limited resources that are not considered sustainable. It takes the commitment of a company to choose wisely the very best synthetic and plant-derived materials to make lasting and eco-friendly shoes.

Can Manufacturers Make Safe And Sustainable Shoes For Chefs?

Of course, that company also needs to know how to make good shoes that provide cushioning, support, and protection. You need cushioning to protect the ligaments and bones of your feet against the hard ground. You require shoes with slip-resistant soles in the case of spills. Of course, lots of things get dropped in a busy kitchen, and your shoes also need to protect your beautiful feet. That is a lot of requirements for a shoe, but some companies try to make the effort.

How To Find Vegan and Ecologically Friendly Shoes

To find these shoes, you might search for eco-friendly vegan chef shoes on a major search engine. You might also find them on a big eCommerce website like Amazon. Some online shoe stores even specialize in producing products like these.

Show your real commitment to using sustainable materials and energy, avoiding animal products, and keeping people healthier by supporting other companies that have the same mission.

Which Are The Most Comfortable Chef Shoes?

Your best choice of chef shoes will be the ones that you think look, fit, and perform the best. The same brand will not produce the right shoes for everybody. Your workplace may have a dress code, and shoes that look like running shoes might not be allowed – though running shoes can be a good choice because they are designed to hold up against a lot of pounding.

The best advice is to find shoes that can accommodate your particular foot problems, plus provide the right looks for your job. If you already have foot problems, you may need to purchase extra inserts to help support your arches or pad your toes. In this case, you might select shoes that can accommodate those inserts too.

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