Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Restaurant Workers

Many of the employees in restaurants and hotels are work on their feet for long periods. These types of workers will fall into the categories such as hosts, hostesses, waitresses or waiters, chefs, and other kinds of people working in the kitchen. Therefore, these workers must choose the appropriate Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Restaurant Workers.

The Slip-Resistant Shoes are ideal for those working in fast-paced restaurants where trips and slips are standard. This article explains why you need slip-resistant shoes and review some Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Restaurant Workers.

Why needed slip-resistant shoes for restaurant workers?

Slips are the leading cause of injuries to service industry workers. BLS reports that slip-related injuries have more than tripled since 1990! For restaurant workers, slipping on a floor is very common. The bed in most restaurants is not smooth and even. It has cracks, bumps, stains, and other imperfections.

When a worker steps on this surface, it is not unusual for him to lose his balance and fall. And when he falls, he is likely to land on his hands and knees. This kind of fall can lead to severe injuries.

Which Types of footwear needed by restaurant workers?

Here are we explain which types of footwear needed a restaurant workers:

1. Safety shoes

Restaurant workers need to choose safety shoes. The exception of cooks and chefs are the ones wearing them. Safety shoes must be slip-resistant, have good traction on the floor, and have steel toes or metal caps. The shoes should have a thick rubber compound on the bottom. With thick rubber compound soles.

These shoes have durable material. Such as leather, rubber, or a combination of both.

2. non-slip shoes

Non-slip shoes are worn by workers who need to walk on surfaces with little traction. These workers include dishwashers, janitors, and people who work in the dry-cleaning business. Those types of shoes must have a non-skid bottom.

Therefore, this type of shoe is designed as an array of small, blunt-ended, and rounded projections.

3. Dress Shoes

The essential type of footwear for restaurant workers is dress shoes. They are only worn by people who work in the dining room or other areas. This is because they don’t need to be on their feet for a long time. These kinds of workers include managers, supervisors, and owners. In addition, many business owners wear dress shoes to the office even though they don’t need to be on their feet for long periods.

Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Restaurant Workers

Buying the Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Restaurant Workers is necessary for people that work in environments where they need to be on their feet for extended hours. The shoes provide comfort, adequate support, comfort cushioning. Non-slip outsoles work well in oil and water. Stain-resistant, easy to clean. The Slip Resistant Shoes work best in these situations.

Finally, they should be sturdy enough to withstand regular usage and endure extreme conditions. Nonslip restaurant shoes work best in these situations. Finally, you should invest in shoes that can hold up under relatively harsh conditions.

1. New Balance 626 V2 – For Men and women

If you work in any kitchen, your feet can be very vulnerable to the demands of your career. It would help if you had good pair of shoes to support your feet during a full day of standing. New Balance 626 V2 is a cross-trainer shoe that provides comfort and support for lateral movements, and they have specially designed for chefs for standing all day. Kitchen areas are often very hazardous. That’s why the kitchen-safe sole, which protects against slipping and falling, will keep your feet safe. In addition, the leather is durable enough to protect your feet from dangerously dropped items.

The EVA removable cushioned footbed will mold your foot’s counters to provide you the support and comfort that you can for flat feet. The midsole offers shock absorption and will protect you from stress and strains on your feet all day. The internal shank provides support and stability. They are comfortable a pair of restaurant shoes for restaurant workers. In addition, those shoes give enough of an EVA cushion. This cushion ensures flat foot sufferers. Feel more comfortable when wearing this footwear for a long time.

2. DANSKO SHOES – Slip Resistant Shoes for Restaurant Workers

These shoes used for many years in the service industries. Service industries means related to restaurants and hotels. They provide ultimate comfort to people who work long hours and have to be standing for these hours. The shoes offer leather upper and outsoles that absorb shock. In addition, the boots are slip-resistant and can withstand rugged use over a more extended period. Those shoes provide slip-resistant outsoles. Some models are designed explicitly for chefs for men and women.

Professionals who have to stand and walk all the time prefer the Dansko brand. They make several different products that might work well for you. Here is a couple to consider.

All these products have slip-resistant soles and a water-resistant upper side.

The Dansko Pro XP Clogs  – Men and Women

Dansko Men's XP 2.0 Mens Clog
Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 Men’s Clog
Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs
Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

The Dansko Pro XP Clogs are very comfortable for being on feet all day. The outsole is slip-resistant on oily and wet surfaces. They are flexible, lightweight, and breathable. It is suitable for shock absorption because the memory foam is compatible with the shape of the feet. They also are approved by APMA.

Dansko Elise Work Sneaker – Women

Dansko Women's Elise Oxford Sneaker
Dansko Women’s Elise Oxford Sneaker

They carry the seal of acceptance from APMA and features smooth upper leather with a slip-resistant sole for safety in oily and wet conditions. They easily slip on and off. The back of the foot is removed. The foam used is triple density. Extra cushioning is offered by the midsole. The leather can easily be wiped off. They are well-constructed for standing in the kitchen. They are one of the best slip-resistant shoes for restaurant workers.

3. Sketcher Work Shoes

Skechers have become a favorite work shoe manufacturer for men and women. Because of their comfortable, supported insoles and their slip-resistant technology. That’s designed according to industry standards. These shoes are slip-resistant and can stand up to the most demanding work environments. One of the most challenging work environments for shoes is the kitchen. A professional kitchen can be smoky, slippery, and dangerous. That’s why so many men choose to wear Skechers work shoes if they work in the kitchen.

Sketcher work shoes are made with all-day comfort in mind. The significant aspect of using sketches for restaurant purposes is that they offer the workers a good look, cushioning, arch support, and affordability. In addition, the outsoles are non-slip, even on the oily and wettest surfaces.

Variety of work shoes

Skechers offers a variety of work shoes and boots for all kinds of jobs. They include non-slip work shoes, shoes for medical professionals, safety toe shoes, and electrical hazard safe shoes. Skechers shape ups slip-resistant work shoes are among the best shoes for standing 10-12 hours a day. They provide excellent arch support and a lot of cushioning to keep your feet healthy during the heavy load of work. In addition, they help to relieve foot pain, back pain and motivate to walk more.

The Skechers Work Slip Resistant Shoes have a slip resistance feature to meet working standards.

Skechers Work Shoes For Men:

Skechers for Work Men's Felton Shoe
Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Shoe

If you are a chef and work most of the day standing, these shoes are perfect for you. They are affordable, slip-resistant, easy on and off, well ventilated, cushioned, and come with moderate arch support.

Skechers Shape-ups Liv Slip Resistant Brawny for men is comfortable and supportive shoes for standing all day. They are happy and have enough support and added cushioning. If you do not like the sporty style, try Skechers Magma and Skechers Piers, also good slip-resistant shoes. Also, you are looking for slip-resistant shoes to protect your toes, try Skechers Synergy Sure Gripper work shoes.

If you want the most comfortable shoes, look at Flex Advantage, Liv SR Brawny models, or McAllen SR.

Skechers for Work Cottonwood Slip Resistant Work Shoe – most arch supportive

Skechers for Work Men's Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe
Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe

This is the perfect shoe for a man who wants to stay in style and safe at work. The beautiful detail and leather on the outside make this Skecher shoe stand out, but it’s what’s on the bottom and the inside that’s special. On the main fact, those pairs are specially designed with slip-resistant soles. Its non-slip soles will not lose grip on any wet or oily surfaces. These shoes are extremely popular among male chefs who don’t want to slip up in the kitchen or any other venue for that matter.

The Cottonwood shoe is designed with authentic, full-grain leather in an instead dress shoe. There is a light stitching pattern over the outline of the shoe. The collar for the shoe is padded and extremely comfortable, and the insole is removable. There aren’t any metal stability shanks in these shoes. It’s safe for airport workers to work with them.

Skechers Cottonwood Fribble shoes as comfortable shoes

Skechers Cottonwood Fribble shoes are for you if you need more supportive and comfortable shoes with memory foam for working on the concrete floor 8-12 hours a day.

It weighs 12 oz to 17 Oz depending on the size of the shoes. One of the lightest-weight work shoes is this one. It’s an all-purpose shoe that can be used for work. If you’re looking for steel-toed shoes, Exalt Forge is a good place to start. Would you like to use Skechers for plantar fasciitis? The Skechers Exalt slip-resistant shoes are a good choice.

If you are a restaurant manager and work 10-12 hours on feet all day, I recommend Cottonwood – Fribble model, slip-on Hobbes slip-resistant, or Rockland-Hooper. In addition, the Relaxed Fit collection of shoes offers a Memory Foam footbed with a wide toe box.

The Skechers Women’s Ghenter Srelt Work Shoe:

Skechers Women's Ghenter Srelt Work Shoe
Skechers Women’s Ghenter Srelt Work Shoe

Skechers has created shoes for narrow to wide sizes. The Relaxed Fit collection of work shoes are roomy in the forefront but snug in the heel area. However, if you have narrow feet, you may get a shoe, not from the Relaxed Fit collection but that offers a Memory Foam insole to give you custom-fit for your narrow feet.

The Relaxed Fit styles of shoes are designed for the long hour on feet for comfort, and they come with Memory Foam insoles for additional support to your feet.

Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel – Fit for Women

Skechers Work Sure Track - Trickel
Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel

The Skechers Work Sure Track is a slip-resistant work shoe that uses a combination of non-marking, premium rubbers to deliver comfort, support, protection & durability. These slip resistant shoes are made for work in wet, oily, greasy, muddy, slippery, harsh conditions. Skechers Work Sure Track is the only slip-resistant shoe to have one of the largest selections of sizes, widths, and colors in the industry.

The Sure Track Trickel is a slip-resistant clog for women. This slip-resistant shoe is designed to reduce slipping on wet, slippery floors. The outsole of the work shoe is slip-resistant, this protects the worker from falling or slipping. This work shoe is made for comfort, this is why there is no break-in period for this shoe.

SKECHERS Work Eldred Fresno

  • Very lightweight 8 oz
  • Upper leather and fabric for a fantastic look
  • Slip-on design with elastic laces
  • lined interior with breathable lining
  • Contoured cushion memory foam for a personalized fit
  • The cushioned insole on top of memory foam for excellent shock absorption
  • a lightweight and flexible outsole that is not only slip-resistant but has been tested for electrical hazard safety.

4. Timberland Shoes for Restaurant Workers

The first leather boot that was water resistant was created by Timberland in 1973. These shoes have been worn by people. They work hard all around the world, and they are known for their exceptional craftsmanship. The restaurant range of shoes offers the user comfortable long-term use and outsoles that are resistant to slipping. They have various styles of shoes for both men and women.

For Men: Timberland Pro Men’s Five Star Stanhope Chef Work Shoe

Timberland Pro Men's Five Star Stanhope Chef Work Shoe
Timberland Pro Men’s Five Star Stanhope Chef Work Shoe

For Women: Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-On

Timberland PRO Women's Renova Slip-On
Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-On

They are one of the most comfortable restaurant shoes for women. They are cute and come with a slip-resistant outsole that offers good traction on oily and wet floors. Anti-fatigue technology is provided for providing comfort when standing and walking all day.

Timberland professional shoes deliver style, comfort, and intelligent design. They have an exclusive anti-fatigue technology that is designed to help you hold up longer. 

They are lightweight and have a shock-absorption sole that provides superior traction. You can change the insoles when you need them in many styles. The Five-Star series are made of quality material and has a rocker bottom, which is what I like the most.

How to choose Slip Resistant Shoes for Restaurant Workers

Slip resistant shoes may come in many forms, but the most popular is the form-fitting, rubber-soled shoe with a buckle strap around the ankle. These shoes are often sold as a one-size-fits-all product – leaving women and men with a variety of foot shapes and sizes stuck wearing awkwardly-fitting shoes.

Slip-resistant shoes are a necessity for food service workers who work with food, or who arrive on the floor for work covered in grease or grime. Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, etc. are notorious for having slippery floors, and slip-resistant shoes are essential to keep feet safe while working in these environments.

Common slip-resistant problems faced by restaurant workers?

Slips and falls are the number one cause of injuries in the U.S. Workplace injuries caused by slips and falls are responsible for approximately 70% of all workplace injuries. In fact, falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths among adults aged 65 and older.

Restaurant workers are at an increased risk of falling because they are required to be on their feet for long periods of time. Standing for long periods of time can cause muscle fatigue, which makes it more likely you will experience a fall. Muscular fatigue also reduces your reaction time, which makes it harder for you to avoid an accident. Slips and falls in the workplace are often caused by something as simple as a floor being too slick.

This is usually caused by oil or grease from cooking food. If this happens, just a few minutes of activity can make the floor so slippery, it is almost impossible to stop yourself from falling. Restaurant floors are especially vulnerable to becoming too slippery when there is oil or grease present.

How to avoid these problems

  • The first thing you should do is take the time to learn how to clean and maintain your restaurant’s floors properly. Many restaurants don’t have a full-time floor cleaning service. Instead, they hire a part-time cleaner who comes in once or twice per week. This creates two problems:
  • More importantly, the floors are not being cleaned with a special care that is needed to ensure they remain as safe as possible. A good way to do this is to have your floor cleaners use a solution containing a non-toxic but biodegradable degreaser like trichloroethylene (TCE). This will remove all of the oil and grease from the floor without leaving any harmful residue behind.
  • After the floor has been cleaned, it should be mopped with a solution containing a mild detergent and water. Make sure the water you are using is very hot. You should use about one gallon of water for every eight gallons of cleaner you are using. Let the water soak into the floor for a few minutes, then scrub the floor with a mop and hot water. Scrub the floor in a circular motion and work in small sections at a time. Continue this process until the floor is clean. It may take three or four washings to get the floor completely clean.
  • After the floor has been cleaned, allow it to dry naturally. Do not use a fan to speed up the drying process or you could create a dust cloud that will make your floor even more slippery.
  • Ware non-slip resistant shoes, those are the best way to keep your restaurant’s floors safe. If you have a large percentage of your customers wearing shoes with rubber soles, you should consider having your floor cleaners apply a thin coating of sealant to the floor where people are most likely to walk.

What Are The Most Comfortable Chef Shoes For Standing All Day?

Proper support is important, but it should not come at the expense of comfort. Proper footwear can help you avoid injuries and foot problems, but your primary concern will most likely be avoiding sore feet at the end of a hard day of work.

To help you find the best shoes for your needs, this is a general checklist. The shoe recommendations below are usually in line with these guidelines.

  • On hard floors, they are slip-resistant and comfortable
  • They can be taken away and cleaned easily.
  • You can prevent your feet from getting sore by having extra arch supports.
  • Some have a removable footbed so you can put in an insert that would help support your feet more.
  • If you have bunions or wide feet, get shoes with a wide toe box. It will ease the pressure on your toes and allow your foot to breathe.

You might think that this list is pretty long, and you will have difficulty finding the right shoes. However, many actual companies have already developed shoes with the needs of chefs and other kitchen workers in mind.

Can Manufacturers Make Safe And Sustainable Shoes For Chefs?

That company needs to know how to make shoes that provide protection, support, and support. It would help if you cushioned to protect the ligaments and bones of your feet against the hard ground. 

In case something gets spilled, you need slip-resistant soles shoes. Lots of things get spilled in a busy kitchen. And your shoes should also protect your pretty feet. There are many requirements for a shoe and some companies try to meet them.

How To Find Vegan and Ecologically Friendly Shoes

To find these shoes, you might search for eco-friendly vegan chef shoes on a significant search engine. You can essly find them on online e-commerce big websites like Amazon. These are products that online shoe stores specialize in.

Show your genuine commitment to using sustainable materials and energy, avoiding animal products, and keeping people healthier by supporting other companies with the same mission.

Which Are The Most Comfortable Chef Shoes?

The chef shoes that look, fit, and feel the best to you will be your initial choice. The shoe that produces the best performance should be the one you choose after that.

For example, your workplace may have a dress code. And shoes that look like running shoes might not be allowed.

If you want to find the best advice, you need to find shoes that will accommodate your foot problems and look good for your job. For example, if you already have foot problems, you may need to purchase extra inserts to help support your arches or pad your toes. 

If that’s the case, you might want to look for shoes that can accommodate those inserts as well.


Chef shoes don’t have to be expensive, but they should be supportive, comfortable, and designed with the environment and your health in mind. It is important to choose the Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Restaurant Workers and this information should have helped you identify the most important considerations when making that decision.

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