Asics Kayano 22 Review

If you notice signs of overpronation on your feet, then it is better to own newer models with capable and competent technology. New shoes that have impressive features do not necessarily mean a steeper price.  ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe is worth every penny. The design of this footwear has a midsole that adapts to the stride of the wearer. As a result, the shoes provide an excellent cushioning quality and stability. It is comparable to having shoes customized especially for you.

ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe is the newest product from the company that has already gathered lots of popularity in the shoe industry. Perfectly designed for competitive runners, the shoe comes in different and more attractive colors than the predecessors. There is a heel clutching system that has been reengineered and redesigned to provide exceptional comfort and stability for moderate overpronators for flat feet. The clutch has been improved significantly to keep the wearer more comfortable especially if wearing the shoes in very rough terrains.

Most of the improvements have been directed towards the upper part of the shoe. There is a seamless mesh design for the Fluid fit upper with a better fit, perfect for people of different foot types and structures. The mesh allows your feet to have more room to breathe. Therefore, if you love running for miles, you can enjoy the comfortable fit and the breathability provided by this pair of shoes. Even better, the mesh layer, which is stretchable, has more durability features and less irritation. Therefore, regardless of how long you wear the shoe, you can enjoy blister-free feet, thanks to these functions.

The shock absorption levels are also considerably higher than those provided by the predecessors. Also, there is exceptional support and stability, in particular for individuals who deal with low to moderate overpronation. It might be a little heavier than neutral running shoes, but it is very light compared to other stability training shoes found in the market. Asics, the company behind the new Kayano 22 shoe, has proven time and time again to be a leader in the manufacture of exceptional stability trainers. Well, it’s no surprise that the shoe has completely overpowered the predecessors.

There is Dynamic DuoMax system that’s manufactured to provide a support platform for big runners, especially those who tend to overpronate. The midsole has a gel cushioning design that provides exceptional properties to the feet, thanks to the Fluid Ride 2.0 system. All the shoe’s properties have been developed to provide excellent comfort, support and also stability, thanks to all the new features.

The gel cushioning properties extend downwards to the arch, to provide exceptional support, especially for people who tend to overpronate. Therefore, for any stability trainer, this is the perfect shoe to wear to any event. The torsion rigidity has been maintained, regardless of the incorporation of new features. Therefore, when you’re wearing the shoe, you’re bound to enjoy more support and grip, thanks to the well-propelled and smooth transitions. There is also more room to breathe, especially around the mid and forefoot area.

The outer sole has been manufactured using the blown AHAR rubber technology which allows the shoe to perform at the optimum potential regardless of the terrains. Of course, the only limitation might be the fact that the shoe’s weight might lead to some issues during special running events. Released on November 17, 2009, the ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe has swept the world by a storm. Runners everywhere are appreciative of the new features that provide an exceptional shoe experience for everybody.

If you want to improve your skills in running and push your limits, your running shoes should be lightweight. Running can be more enjoyable if you feel free in your shoes. The extra weight in most running shoes can be a drag, especially if you want to go faster without sacrificing other features such as stability and cushioning.

Some lightweight shoes have designs that specifically help severe cases of overpronation. When your feet overpronate, your shoe wears down unevenly. However, lightweight running shoes that correct flat feet or overpronation should make the inner and outer edges wear down just about the same amount.

Durability in the Durability in ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe lies in the midsole. It also depends on how much you run or use the running shoes. No fixed period or mileage serves as a standard that determines when you need to buy a new pair of running shoes. You will personally find out if the running shoes you have are not protecting you as well as they should. Pain and discomfort while using the shoes can be a telltale sign.

Those who prefer the best footwear with a mix of superior support, cushioning and stability should choose running shoes that include all of these features. For instance, stability running shoes are just what you need when you want to experience total comfort with every move you make. However, it is only essential to consider these shoes when you do suffer from mild to moderate overpronation issues. Find out more about ASICS Kayano 22 running shoes for flat feet and your best options as you read along.

According to reviews, the Kayano offers exceptional landing comfort, so there is hardly any pain at all each time your foot touches the ground. The reason for this superior comfort lies in the shoe’s exceptional cushioning, as the company uses the unique GEL cushioning system. This feature is found mainly in the rearfoot while the FluidRide technology is the main component in the forefoot.

It has two layers of cushioning, the softest one on the top and responsive one towards the ground. The bottom cushioning which is responsive will prevent to feel too cushiony. The upper is soft and can help to accommodate bunions.

The Kayano by ASICS is highly recommended for individuals who spend an enormous amount of time standing and walking, as well as those who run regularly. With the DuoMax technology incorporated in this shoe, you can expect to experience optimum stability and support. What’s more, this product gains the prestige of being awarded by the American Podiatric Medical Association with a Seal of Acceptance.

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