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Extra Wide Fitting Sandals for Women

There are a number of reasons why someone might look to purchase extra wide fitting sandals for women. One of the most obvious reasons is pregnancy, because carrying a child can cause a woman’s feet to swell as well as her ankles and calves. Being born with naturally wide feet is a congenital trait. It poses no health risks but it can make shopping for shoes a challenge. The last reason why someone would need extra wide shoes would be problems regulating the blood sugar. People with irregular blood sugar tend to have issues with their feet and ankles swelling as well. While these flare ups are periodic, it’s nice to have shoes that fit when they happen.

Sandals are the most comfortable style of shoe made. They are extremely comfortable, allowing for a lot of ventilation and fresh air to reach the feet. In the case a pregnant woman, the fresh air can be soothing. Fortunately, the following five brands manufacture sandals specifically for people with wide feet.

1. Aravon Katy Sandals

One of the more stylish brands of wide fitting sandals is the Aravon Katy collection. These leather sandals are available in a wide variety of colors. Most Aravon Katy sandals feature a man made sole, and a reputation for being very durable. You’ll have to pay a little more for a nice pair of Aravon Katy’s but the superior quality makes them well worth it. Most of Aravon Katy’s sandals are available in a standard size and in a 2e model, which is substantially wider. They’re also available as a C/D size for feet which are a little wider than average. For comfort and variety, this is one brand that can be relied upon for wide fitting Sandals.

2. Propet Women’s Tahoe Sandal

This sandal isn’t as cute as the Clark’s Lucena but it’s better looking than the Aravon Katy brand. However, these may be the most comfortable sandals on the list. They’re actually very affordable and they may be the best value for the money. These sandals were specifically designed for walking long distances. This is the ideal shoe for the woman with child who still wants to exercise moderately. These shoes are also good for hikes in the spring and summer.

Unfortunately, the Propet Tahoe Walker is only available in three colors, beige, white and black. The lack of variety may hurt this shoe’s popularity, but they should still do well among active women with wide feet. Leather materials and a man made sole are nice features for a shoe with a price this low so doesn’t forget to consider them when you shop for sandals.

3. Clarks Lucena Sandals

These sandals are a little less expensive than the Aravon Katy Sandals. They’re also quite a bit more stylish and feminine. These sandals are a better match for sundresses and skirts. They also feature quality leather and a man made sole. These shoes are indeed better looking than most other wide fit shoes but they’ aren’t as high quality as the Aravon Katy shoes. The trade off for more fashion at a lower price may be worth it to some consumers. These sandals are also available in a variety of widths as well as lengths so the shopper has more options.

4. Trotters Kat Sandal

These sandals are the lowest priced on the list and they’re meant to be a bargain. Though they too feature leather and a man made sole, the hide used in these sandals isn’t the same quality as the rest of the sandals on the list. This is a great pair for anyone who just wants a pair of sandals that are affordable and efficient. These sandals are also available in nine vibrant colors so they can complement virtually any ensemble. They’re not the most comfortable wide fitting sandals in the world but the Trotters Kat Sandals are adequate for the price.

5. Munro American Sandals

As far as overall value goes, this might be another pair of good sandals for walking all day though they’re a lot more expensive. These shoes provide hours of prolonged comfort due to excellent arch support and they are available in various wide sizes. They’re stylish and cute.

There are many brands that offer extra wide fitting sandals for women and you choose the one which fits you good. There are size variations from brand to brand and not two persons feet are same. Also selecting shoes depends on one’s personality and type of your work. If your work involve standing or walking all day on your feet, then try Aravon Katy Sandals. They are New Balance sandals. They are durable, well cushioned and supportive. They are also good for knee pain and back ache.

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