Timberland Pro Men’s Five Star Meurice shoe Review

You generally avoid excessive use of the lovely shoes that you have because you would like to keep them that way for an extended time. In this article, we talk about the Timberland Pro Men’s Five Star Meurice shoe Review.

However, the Timberland Meurice shoes are created to be worn. These SafeGrip shoes are easy to clean and tough is enough to be used daily. They are designed specifically for use in the hospitality industry. The durable and high-performance shoes are very comfortable to wear.

Timberland Pro Men’s Five Star Meurice shoe Review

Key Features of Timberland Pro Five Star Meurice

  • Exclusive Anti-Fatigue Technology provides maximum support, cushioning as well as comfort throughout the day and during the night
  • Innovative SafeGrip sole (slip-resistant sole) provides superior traction not only on dry surfaces but also on wet surfaces
  • Premium full-grain polished leather uppers
  • 3M’s Scotchgard protector provides stain resistance
  • Leather-lined internal top collar
  • Non-metallic fiberglass shank
  • Timberland PRO outsole made of thermal plastic urethane comes with a low-profile tread pattern, which enables high surface contact and is slip-resistant as well as non-marking

The Timberland Pro Five Star Meurice Detailed Specifications

Timberland PRO Men's Five Star Meurice
Timberland PRO Men’s Five Star Meurice

Color – Black

Additional Product Features –

The low-cut, lace-less Timberland Meurice shoes look stylish even if you wear them for dinner dates, important meetings, or church services! The full-grain polished leather shoe uppers are tough and make them one of the best work boots that you can buy. The uppers may be hard but are durable and flexible as well as soft. This makes them comfortable to wear throughout the day, and they also look great on your feet. In addition, leather is used for making slip-resistant shoes. Outsole protected by 3M’s Scotchguard coating, which makes it stain-resistant. As a result, it is easy to clean and is just great for people in the hospitality industry.

The Timberland Pro Men’s Five star meurice Comfortness

The anti-fatigue technology provides extra comfort in the insides. The Timberland Meurice shoes are designed to absorb shocks. For those caused by foot strikes and return the impact to the critical areas of the feet. In addition, the inverted and lightweight molded cones provide the required cushioning against the effects. Further, the fiberglass shanks on these work shoes help to prevent muscle strain and even foot pain.

Timberland Meurice Outsoles

The outsoles made of thermal plastic urethane are rugged But lightweight. So that the force of impact on the ground is less. The SafeGrip soles are slip-resistant and come with a low tread pattern so that you can use them both on wet and dry surfaces. In addition, they absorb the shock transferred by impact.

Manufactured in sizes as follows:

Medium: 7 to 12, 13, 14, 15

Wide: 7 to 12, 13, 14, 15

For the right fit, we recommended that you purchase the right size that your actual shoe size. For example, it is better to buy shoe size 7, if you usually purchase 7 1/2 for yourself.

You cannot avoid wearing the Timberland Meurice shoes with all these features, especially if you are working in the hospitality sector. Additionally, This shoe’s traction on wet and greasy restaurant kitchen floors is great, so you can also use it for the waiter or restaurant service.

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