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When you have flat feet and you need to stand or walk a lot at your job, shoes are extremely important. Even healthy people may have problems when they have to stand or walk around for hours, day in, day out, so you can imagine the problem is much bigger for those who have troubles from the very beginning. This is what makes finding the best work shoes for flat feet a priority for all those sufferers who have such jobs. This article is taking a look at a few models which are appreciated by many.

Things to consider for buying shoes for flat feet:

  •  Get fitted for your feet at your local shoe store. They will watch your gait and will recommend best shoes according to your foot type. See the podiatrist if you have acquired flat feet.
  • Buy shoes according to your weight. Overweight people should consider buying Brooks Beast or Brooks Aerial for severe overpronation or Brookd Dyad for nuetral or supinated feet.
  • Find shoes with stability(for mild and moderate overpronation) and motion control(for severe overpronation).
  • If you have flat feet with no pronation or supination, then consider buying Cushioning Neutral shoes.

Best Work Shoes For Flat feet Reviews

1. DUNHAM PROSPECT Work Shoes for Men flat Feet

Looking for, motion control slip resistant work shoe for flat feet with overpronation? Look no further with this stylish smooth leather upper which is waterproof. They control overpronation with RoolBarr motion control system along with internal shank which further provides stability.

They offer slip resistant outsole for wet, dry, oily and soapy floors.

2. New Balance 706 Motion Control Walking Shoe – Postal Worker

These shoes provide an exceptional level of comfort, even in the case of many hours of almost continuous walking, thanks to their Walking Strike Path which helps in stabilizing the foot through the stepping cycle. This feature made the New Balance 706 shoes receive approval for postal workers.

The rubber sole is very comfortable. The comfort is increased by the premium open-cell foam insert and by the excellent quality of the leather the shoes are made from. Their motion control features controls over pronation in flat feet, which helps in alleviating the pain caused by walking in such cases. These shoes are a very good choice for people who walk all day at their jobs or for fitness walking. Anyway, New Balance is a trusted brand, well-known for the big investments they make in research and development so that they can come with innovative features to make your feet feel comfortable even in extreme conditions.

3. Brooks Addiction Walker – For Men and Women

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

These shoes provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption, thanks to the Hydroflow system used in the rear and forefoot. The midsole provides superior cushioning and reduces the shock felt, making the Addiction Walker Brooks qualify among the best work shoes for flat feet.

The slip-resistant outsole makes these shoes a good choice for people who need to walk on slippery surfaces ( not recommended for kitchen or restaurant floors) or for those who have to walk outside in wet weather. These outsoles are also very durable, therefore, these shoes can be extremely long-lasting, even if they are worn for many hours a day, every day. The full grain upper leather gives them a nice touch, although they aren’t the most elegant shoes ever. The shoes are available only in black color, but that’s not too bad, as black can match anything else without problems.

4. ASICS Gel-Foundation Walker 3 Walking Shoe

This is the perfect shoe if you need reliable motion control and comfort. Thanks to their Stretchy Biomorphic Fit, they deserve a spot on the list of best work shoes for flat feet people. The shoes are breathable, thanks to their mesh panels on the upper side. This is an important feature for people who need to wear the shoes for many hours at their job.

The reinforced toe cap provides more durability to the shoe and the Trusstic System helps in maintaining their structural integrity. The stable support that makes these shoes suitable for flat feet is offered by the dual-density midsole. The gel cushioning system is very appreciated by many people who need comfortable work shoes, as well as by athletes who need comfort in the workouts.

Lightweight, durable and comfortable, the Asics Gel Foundation Walker 3 are excellent for people with demanding jobs, who need to spend all day on their feet, either they need to stand or walk. The shoes have a sporty design which makes them perfect for fitness purposes as well.

There might be other shoes that suit people with flat feet, so you may do your own research after you finish reading this article. Nonetheless, if you decide to go for any of the above-mentioned models, you won’t regret it. Each model has reviews from many users who were satisfied with the arch support, cushioning, shock absorption and other qualities these shoes have.

You may even consider getting two or more pairs so that you don’t have to wear the same shoes for many hours every day. This is good for your feet and good for the shoes, as well, because it will help them look like new for a longer time. As you can see, you can feel good while walking even if you have flat feet.

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